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jhansla 07-14-02 10:37 AM

Malata DVD Player! Where can i get one??
Where can i get a Malata code-free dvd player and which is the best model to get?

Copenhagen 07-14-02 10:39 AM

Click the banner on this site for the Malata 520 for 274.95 shipped from HKFlix.com

Edited to add link: http://www.hkflix.com/coupons/007782...qx/default.htm

jhansla 07-14-02 10:57 AM

Thanks just ordered it with free shipping
Any idea how long i will have to wait?

HKFLIXdotcom 07-14-02 01:17 PM

Currently we have these in stock and any orders placed over the weekend will ship Monday or Tuesday at the very latest. After it is shipped, you will receive either a UPS or DHL tracking number. UPS will take 3-7 business days while DHL is delivered the next day. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

Jeff ([email protected])

benedict 07-14-02 01:26 PM

[Closing thread]
Asked and answered.

We have email; let's use it :)


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