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Randy810 07-13-02 02:08 AM

New to this forum and I need help
I have spent all night reading and trying to understand how to locate and order DVDs I wish to purchase and I am totally confused. Several people have given URLS to movies I would like to order. I tried using
Alta Vista Babel translator, and every url comes up as an error or unreadable to me.
I hoped that there was a newbie thread but I could not find one.
Would someome steer me to instructions on ordering and READING the sites?
Thanks all help is greatly needed and appreciated



DeepRedInferno 07-13-02 02:16 AM

what dvds do you wanna buy and i am sure we can all help you find then quickly

Randy810 07-13-02 02:23 AM

Thanks DeepRedInferno

I want:

Bringing Up Baby
Experiment Perilous
Hawk The Slayer
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy
Smiley's People
The List of Adrian Messenger
To Have and Have Not
Dark Passage

I know a few are available, and I am hoping most of them are.

Thanks for your help.


Trigger 07-13-02 04:23 AM

what country are they available in? What language are the websites in that you can't order from?

benedict 07-13-02 05:45 AM


Originally posted by Randy810
I hoped that there was a newbie thread but I could not find one. Would someome steer me to instructions on ordering and READING the sites?
</small>Some info here: http://www.dvdtalk.com/forum/showthr...78#translation

Randy810 07-13-02 09:32 PM

.the French DVD of Hitchcock's only 'screwball' comedy Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941) has optional French subtitles...


...ditto for Jacques Tourneur's 1944 film noirish Experiment Perilous, which stars the very beautiful Hedy


This I copied from a post from Jonathan e.

Bringing up Baby Howard Hawks
Starring Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant

Collectors Ed:
Theatrical trailer(s)
• Interview d'Howard Hawks
• Portrait d'Howard Hawks par Richard Schickel
• Analyse du jeu de Cary Grant
• Analyse du film par Todd McCarthy
• Bande-annonce
• Livret de 16 pages, rédigé par les Cahiers du Cinéma et illustré de photos du film
• DVD dans un digipak

These are both in the same editions as the version of Suspicion. Anyone know if these also have fixed subtitles

Any help will be appreciated


Hendrik 07-13-02 09:40 PM

...both "Experiment Perilous" and "Mr & Mrs Smith" have optional French subs...

...don't know about <a href="http://www.dvdfr.com/dvd/fiche.php3?id=2590">Bringing Up Baby</a>...

...no DVD in sight for "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy" and "Smiley's People"...

. . . :o . . .

Randy810 07-13-02 10:09 PM

My problem is that I cannot get BABELFISH to translate the web site so I can order these titles. Bringing up Baby is listed as avaailable in France, but I get a German site, that I cannot trancslate either.
Any advise?

ScreachingWeasel 07-13-02 11:10 PM

I use Cinestore to order and don't really know any French, although I plan to start changing that. If you want trhe easiest way to order from France I suggest you use Amazon.fr to order the layout is exactly the same as the Us site and you use the same info from your American account to order, so you really don't have to add any info. Just put the things you want in your cart go and go to the check out with your existing Amazon password and user name.

Randy810 07-13-02 11:44 PM

I tried that, but the titles are not available at AMAZON. I really would like to now why I cannot use BABELFISH without getting 3008 errors.
Cinestage has the dvds I want but I cannot find the button to push to order the dvds.
I am very frustrated.

Randy810 07-14-02 01:18 AM

Thank you to everyone that tried to help me. I finally got BABEL FISH to work and I was able to plod along and order 3 of my wish listed movies.


ScreachingWeasel 07-14-02 01:50 AM

Here are the links for the individual dvds. Look in the left corner of the Cinestore page though and see if it has 4 dvds in the basket. If there are four it will be these four films. If the dvds are already in the cart you can just click the "go" arrow in the left corner where it show's the price and how many things are in the cart. If there is nothing in the cart just go to each title and add them by clicking the picture of the shopping cart in the dvd description. When you have everything you want in the cart, you click mon compte in the right corner. Since you have not ordered from there before you need to go to the bottom three empty lines. In the first empty line enter your email address and on the next two you have to pick a password and enter it on those two lines. Then click "valider" at the bottom of the page. On the next page it will ask for your personal information like this.

Nom* Jack
Prénom* Black
Adresse (N°+ rue)* 2806 Jackal street
Code postal* 92027
Ville* San Diego, Ca
Pays* Etat Unis(If you live in the US)
email- Should already be there.

Then select Valider at the bottom again. All that info will be saved and you won't have to do that again.

Click the "GO" arrow button on the top left of the page that has how many things are in your cart. That will take you to the 1st check out page. It will show what and how many things have in the basket. Click Valider at the bottom of the page if everything is in order. It will take you to a page where it asks your email and password. enter the info. It will show you your order again with your address on the page. Click Valider at the bottom again. On the next page it shows three pictures of credit cards. You will either click on Mastercard or Visa. Enter your card # and expiration date and click Valider.

*If you want to check your order status go to Mon Compte, enter your email and password. Then select the last of the three yellow lines of writing( Consulter l'état de vos commandes (en cours, livrées ...). From there just select your order and it will let you know the status.

Mrs Smith



Bringing Up Baby


Experiment Perilous


Randy810 07-14-02 03:33 AM


Thank you for all your help!!
You made it very easy and it also taught me a bit about ordering on the CINESTORE site.
I muddled through an order a little while ago and it took me forever. I saved your instructions for future use,
Now I have Suspicion as well as the others I managed to order.

I always knew that DVDTALKERS were a great group of people!!



ScreachingWeasel 07-14-02 11:23 AM

Hey no problem, glad to help out if I could make things easier.

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