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sandman1 07-13-02 12:32 AM

Getting older french movies - a question to our Canadian friends.
I am a huge fan of older Jean Paul Belmondo and Pierre Richard movies - unfortunately very few are available in the US. I have been trying some better known Canadian online stores, but they don't seem to carry any of them. I found a lot of their DVDs on Amazon French site, but I find it hard to believe that there aren't any R1 DVDs sold in Canada. Please help. If nothing works would even consider VHS :(

Hendrik 07-13-02 05:43 AM

...ahh... do you want/need original language and/ or English dub?... do you want/need French and/or English subtitles?... can you play (French, Region 2, PAL) DVDs?

...fwiw, the following (French!!! R2!!! PAL) DVDs of movies starring <a href="http://www.dvdfr.com/dvd/search.php3?multiname=belmondo">Belmondo</a> are currently available - in France - some with (optional), some without subtitles, at least one with an (optional) soundtrack (shudder!!!) dubbed into English...

...click on a title to see details of the DVD in question...

. . . :o . . .

sandman1 07-13-02 10:50 AM

Hendrik, thanks for your response.

1. I hugely prefer films in original language with English subs. I'll settle for dubs but I don't like them.

2. Yes, I need English subs, since I don't speak/understand French.

3. I don't have a region free player at the moment, that's why I was and STILL AM wondering if these movies are available in Canada in NTSC and region 1 edition.

One more reason to buy a region free, I know.., however, there are a lot of titles in your link that don't list English subs. I wonder if it's possible that little fact was ommited. Is there a way to confirm it? Thanks again.

Hendrik 07-13-02 12:03 PM

...well... in my experience the fiches that I linked to are pretty accurate, generally... the French are 'erratic' about including English subs/dubs on their DVDs - many movies do have subs, a very few also have dubs - but many, many more don't have either...

...I don't think the lack of English subtitles is due to any 'unwillingness' on the part of French DVD manufacturers, but rather a matter of a movie's distribution rights in various countries...

...as for Canadian releases of Belmondo movies (if any!... at one time the man was a BIG star in France, but was he 'big' in Québec, too? I wonder...)

...perhaps a kind-hearted Canadien will read this and get you the information you want - but even then I doubt that any such releases, whether on Tape or DVD, will include English subs... for instance: check out the two distinct Canadian/Canadien releases of Amélie...

. . . :( . . .

sandman1 07-13-02 02:29 PM

Errr, what a bummer!

By any chance do you know of any French DVD price search website? Again, thanks a lot!

teorema 07-14-02 02:25 PM

I'm a Jean-Paul Belmondo freak AND Canadian so I'll pipe in here. I don't know of any French Canadian DVD releases of Belmondo's films including the ones filmed in Canada. If there were any, I would definately pick them up, subs or no subs.

The Belmondo films available in Region 1 are:

Pierrot le fou
Mississippi Mermaid
Love and the Frenchwoman (Episode: Adultery)
A Woman is a Woman
Two Women
Casino Royale (just announced)
Le magnifique
Le professionnel
A Hundred and One Nights

The two I want the most is Jean-Pierre Melville's "Le doulos" and "Léon Morin, Priest" but no sign of those anywhere yet.

There are many videos available though including all the above and:

Sois belle et tais-toi
A Monkey in Winter
La viaccia
L'aîné des ferchaux (which is shown on French Canadian channels all the time)
Weekend at Dunkirk
That Man from Rio
Is Paris Burning?
The Brain
La scoumoune
High Heels
The Burglars (also shown on TV a lot)
Hold-up (also shown on TV and filmed in Québec)
Le solitaire
Les misérables

All of them are available on VHS through Facets in Chicago, many on public domain tapes with horrible picture quality. Other specialty on-line video sources like Video Search of Miami and Luminous Films & Video Wurks carries even more obscure Belmondo titles but I haven't seen them to judge the quality. You can have a look at the box art for a number of his films at this on-line site:


sandman1 07-14-02 10:47 PM

Handrik and Teorema: thanks a lot. I'm surprised the number of his titles is available in R1 format. If only there was L'Alpugueur, but I'll probably end up having to import it from Amazon.fr :( Thanks again.

Jules Winnfield 07-18-02 06:54 AM

Belmondo's collection edited by Canal+ in France has a poor quality. DVDs are single layer so the movie has to be compressed a "bit".
The funny part is the sticker on the packaging claiming a "remasterisation" :lol:

Here is a search engine for France

sandman1 07-19-02 04:46 PM

Thanks for the link, Jules. Actually I thought Le magnifique and
Le professionnel I picked up in R1 version were quite good. Not spectacular but clean and crisp enough for old movies. Could it be that they tried a little 'harder' for a R1 release? I'm not really a huge videophile so if their other R2 releases are not worse than these 2, I'll be pleased.

The Stuntwoman VHS I bought off Half.com was totally different story, though. Pure garbage! And it's going right into the GARBAGE. Gee, what a waste! There are 3 more VHS on their way. Dreadful!

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