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littlefuzzy 07-10-02 09:17 PM

Are there "mini-regions" such as Japan inside region 4?
In other words, are Japanese discs marketed/sold to Japan, and Australian discs only marketed/sold in Australia, and are there separate releases for both markets in the case of say, an American film (the Japanese release gets Japanese dubs/subtitles, the case is printed in Japanese, etc.?)

codefree 07-10-02 09:49 PM

From what I've seen, each country only has one set of releases. I own a dozen or so Japanese DVDs of American movies because they have English dts tracks that their R1 counterparts do not. All of them have Japanese writing on the coverart and on the disc. Each of them do have English writing as well which is usually smaller since it's of course not Japan's primary language. Either Japanese subtitles or a Japanese dub is always included. It's not hard to figure out what menu option does what though. :) DVDs in Japan are all NTSC and most are encoded for Region 2, though some are R0. Region 4 Australia which is PAL has some discs which are used for Region 2 Europe which is PAL and are encoded for R2 & R4, although most Australian DVDs are encoded for R4 only. I hope I've answered your question. It was a bit confusing. ;)

gotwavego 07-10-02 09:50 PM

I'm not sure I understand your question, but, since Japan is region 2, all discs released for Japan have japanese subtitles/dub (if they come from outside Japan) or if the film is originally from Japan it might just have japanese subtitles and menus, etc.


Gattman 07-10-02 09:52 PM

I didnt get your question either, care to elaborate a little

Hendrik 07-10-02 11:51 PM

...I think I get littlefuzzy's question...

...ok... here goes...

(talking about American/Canadian/UK English-language films)

° ...generally gets the movie with a choice of original soundtrack (with 'optional' or 'locked' French subtitles) and - always! - a French dub...
° ...el cheapo releases (you know, full-screen pan'n'scan thingies, DTV thingies) generally feature the French dub only - no original soundtrack, no subtitles...

° ...often (often not!) gets the movie with a choice of original soundtrack (with 'optional' or 'locked' German subtitles) and - always! - a German dub...
° ...el cheapo releases (you know, full-screen pan'n'scan thingies, DTV thingies) generally feature the German dub only - no original soundtrack, no subtitles...

° ...generally gets the movie with a choice of original soundtrack (with 'optional' or 'locked' Spanish and, sometimes, Catalán subtitles) and - always! - a Spanish dub, sometimes a Catalán dub as well...

...and so on...

MOVIE TITLES (on the covers of DVDs):

° ...these are often - but not always! - the (translated-from-the-original) titles under which a particular movie is released in any one country...
(original: "Gone With The Wind" / German: "Vom Winde verweht" / French: "Autant en emporte le vent"... etc.)
° ...often, too, the 'local' title differs wildly from the original one
(original: "Don't Look Now" / German: "Wenn die Gondeln Trauer tragen"
["When The Gondolas Wear Mourning"])


















...and so it goes...

. . . :o . . .

littlefuzzy 07-11-02 12:28 AM

I posted that when I was tired and somehow I got the idea (from a low res region map) that Australia and Japan were in the same region. :lol:

Hendrick read through my late night blunders, and answered the question for me, but what I was trying to ask was:

Do different countries in the same region have different versions of a particular disc?

If I hear that a certain region 2 disc is worth getting, do I need to make sure it is the French R2 PAL version for example, as opposed to one that is the Japanese NTSC version, or an Arabic one, etc.?

Hendrik 07-11-02 12:53 AM

"...Do different countries in the same region have different versions of a particular disc?"

...very often: Yes

...if a particular title is released in, say, Germany, France, and Italy, but by different Distributors, it is possible that the German version is German only, the Italian version does have an English soundtrack, but is non-anamorphic, while the French version features an anamorphic transfer, dts sound, and more (or fewer) extras...

...if a particular title is released in all three countries mentioned (and/or in other countries in the same Region) by one and the same Distributor, say WB, or CTR, or MGM, then the DVDs will be essentially the same (except, possibly/probably, for the dubbed soundtracks and the subtitles) - i.e. they will all feature letterbox transfers, or anamorphic transfers...

...an example: <a href="http://www.dvdfr.com/dvd/fiche.php3?id=5979">"Robin & Marian"</a>... note the many optional (mono) soundtrack dubs (5, including English) and the many optional subtitles (19!!!, including English)... this is what's known as a "Pan-European" release...


. . . :o . . .

samuelowens 07-11-02 12:54 AM

Australia generally does not get Latin American discs and vice versa. The only exception are some NTSC R1/R4 discs released by Warner.

rexinnih 07-11-02 05:54 PM

One thing that surprised me about the newly released Predator and Speed "Ultimate Editions" here in Japan is that the descriptions of the movies on the back of the case are in English.
The name on the spine is in Japanese.

axolotls return 07-11-02 06:22 PM

Interesting. A few Warner DVDs I have are R2/3/4/5/6 PAL. Interesting, didn't know there was an R3 PAL etc. I think they need to start using this -R1 (for everyone but R1).

Hendrik 07-12-02 12:50 AM

"...Interesting, didn't know there was an R3 PAL etc...."

...ahh... for better or worse, I suspect there are far more PAL than NTSC (TV) watchers all around the world... for instance: Hong Kong which - DVD-wise - is Region 3 and - TV-wise - is PAL (even if the many "R0" and few "R3" DVDs that I ordered from HK are NTSC)...


. . . :o . . .

axolotls return 07-12-02 11:06 AM

Out of the 80+ DVDs from HK that I own, only one is PAL, the rest are NTSC (R0 NTSC and R3 NTSC). At least the HK industry is adaptable.

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