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ckolchak 07-10-02 05:36 PM

Why Is Emmanuelle Beart So Underrepresented In R2 ?!
Not only is this woman breathatakingly beautiful, but she also has some acting chops as well as a great sensibilities for picking projects.

where the hell is En Couer En Hiver?
or La Belle Noisuese?
not too mention some of the other movies that have had good reviews but absolutely no US release?

didn't realize the world of dvd content was so inbred until utill i actually started looking for stuff to buy

ola_t 07-16-02 03:02 AM

Underrepresented? Well, about a dozen of her films are available in France, some (Nelly & M. Arnaud and Les Destinées Sentimentales) with English subtitles.

I've heard that La Belle Noiseuse will be out in France and the UK this fall.


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