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jmcnally 07-08-02 12:22 AM

Amar Akbar Anthony DVD
I'm hoping to purchase this Hindi film from Indiaweekly.com and noticed there are two versions. One is from Baba and is $5.99 and the other is from DEI and is $9.99. Does anyone know the difference between the two, and while you're at it, is this a good film? Thanks!

Yahoo Sirius 07-08-02 09:26 PM

Avoid anything from Baba as it is surely crap quality. Haven't seen the film, but it's supposed to something of a comedy classic.

jmcnally 07-08-02 10:16 PM

Thanks a lot, I'll probably get the DEI one. Speaking of which, I tried tracking down some Bollywood films today by walking around some of the Indian grocery stores here in Toronto. It was pretty hard to find anything, and the prices were bad. I should just stick with Indiaweekly.com, which I've used before. Great prices and reasonable shipping, from the US.

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