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Northern Scum 07-06-02 12:29 PM

R4 - James Bond (HELP)
I have been buying online from Australia R4 discs of all the Bond Movies over the past couple of months. Went to place an order last week to find 'You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who..... & Octopussy' are no longer available from EZYDVD where I have been buying from. Managed to find a copy of 'You Only Live Twice & The Spy Who..........' from DVD Planet and DVD Crave, but cant find anywhere with R4 version of Octopussy. Anyone have any suggestions of sites to try stocking R4? Spent a couple of nights surfing for Octopussy to no avail. Ur help would be appricated.

holger 07-06-02 05:59 PM

try http://www.familyboxoffice.com.au/movie.asp?ID=4735 , it says while stock last, worth a shot I reckon.

samuelowens 07-06-02 08:06 PM

www.ozdvdwhs.com.au also has it in stock - it's quite pricey though.

When it comes back up, try www.dvdplaza.com.au for the best price.

CD Wow are doing R3s for 9.99 quid at the moment. The R3s are identical to the R4s but have NTSC.

Northern Scum 07-07-02 07:45 AM

Cheers guys much appreciated...........

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