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holger 07-06-02 05:32 AM

Sopranos 1 season, Aussie version
The package says only region 4 but Devoted and Ezydvd says its both region 2 & 4, anyone knows whats correct?

Best regards

CropsyX 07-06-02 11:17 AM

I just checked one of the disks in my DVD Rom. It's regions 2 and 4.

holger 07-06-02 11:18 AM

Thanxs mate!

cirrus888 07-07-02 09:04 AM

Don't forget its Pan and scam season 1 R2 and R4.

samuelowens 07-07-02 06:47 PM

And that it misses an audio commentary and a 77 minute interview and 5.1 sound.

Why (unless you have a region locked player) would you buy anything other than the R1?

CropsyX 07-08-02 05:37 AM

Given that holger was checking if the DVD was region 2 encoded it's likely that he has a region 2 only player.

As for why you would buy the R2/4 instead of the R1, the R4 version is about half the price. While some people would happily pay double for a better presentation a 50% saving is a pretty compelling reason.

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