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skatefan20 07-05-02 12:04 AM

Mulholland Dr. R2
Hi! I'm new...stumbled onto this site by accident and am amazed! I love it!

Does anybody have a list of specifications/features of all the Mulholland Dr. dvds from each region/country? (For example, I would like to know what the difference will be between the Region2 UK issue and the American release.)
Hate to admit this, but I have yet to see this movie.

The only other David Lynch movie I've seen was the G-rated The Straight Story.
Another question: Which regions/versions of this dvd has the small tribute to Richard Farnsworth?

Thanks! :)

hardtack 07-05-02 12:37 AM

There is an interview with Farnsworth on the Japanese release of Straight Story (which also has DTS audio).

regards, Tim...

Jules Winnfield 07-05-02 05:40 AM

Here are the specifications of the French Edition (for september):

• 2 documentaires: (making of)
• "Spécial Lynch"
• "L'Art de David Lynch"
• L'interview du compositeur Angelo Badalamenti
• Des interviews de collaborateurs de David Lynch
• La conférence du Festival de Cannes 2001
• Un reportage photo
• Le lien internet
• La bande-annonce (trailer)
• Un chapitrage aléatoire (random reading)

Quid of the soundtrack. Might be a DTS one (probably in French language). DTS tend to be common in France but putting two DTS tracks has a big drawback : it is done against the picture quality.

Hendrik 07-05-02 07:09 AM

...ahh... apparently no dts soundtrack (French or English) for the (French) two-disc release...


...no mention of dts for the UK release...


...nowt on the Australian (R4) release...


. . . :o . . .

Patman 07-05-02 07:55 AM

Did they digitally airbrush out Laura Harring's nether region in the R2 version? :)

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