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Parsec 07-04-02 10:13 PM

Best places to buy VCDs in HK?
Hi all. I'm in Hong Kong for a month and was wondering if there's any other asian movie fans out there. I just bought 3 VCDs at the mall outside Diamond Hill MTR for $15 HK each, which is only $2 US. Sure, it's a lot cheaper than buying online, but I'm sure I can do better at the street markets somewhere. Anyone know where to go? I'm going to Tsim Sha Tsui later today, maybe there? Thanks.

Parsec 07-04-02 10:14 PM

PS - If you know of DVD places that are really cheap, let me know also. I like the DVD quality better for some movies, but only if it's a legit DVD. I dont want any of those VCD-rips burned onto DVD.

Slumbering Fist 07-05-02 02:15 PM

Wish I could tell you,... but I will say this, if you come across copies of Wolf Devil Woman, Dark Lady of Kung Fu, and Her Vengeance, I'd gladly pay the $2 a piece for them when you get back.

J-Dubya 07-05-02 03:09 PM

Try a search for Yellow Hammer's post a while back on his trip to HK. He wrote of a couple of places where he found dvds.

Yellow Hammer 07-05-02 04:45 PM

I can't find my post from last year (it would have been in December), but here is something similar that I and others posted on the Asian DVD Guide back in May:


benedict 07-05-02 05:01 PM

Rings a bell....

Originally posted by Yellow Hammer
I can't find my post from last year (it would have been in December) [....]
</small>.... was it this one?


That said, the place you just cited is probably a good bet for <b>Parsec</b> :)

Toots 07-08-02 10:00 PM

I know there's a video store in Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. Also try HMV but I think the video stores on the streets are much cheaper. Try Mong Kok too!

Yellow Hammer 07-08-02 11:14 PM

The store on Granville Road is now history. Too bad, the owner was one of the most knowledgeable HK movie people around.

TehBigFire 07-10-02 07:15 AM

Hey Yellow Hammer, does Johnny from dddhouse speak English? I wanted to request that he stock some DVD's I was after.

Yellow Hammer 07-10-02 11:39 AM

Johnny speaks English, though relatively speaking I don't think it's all that great. I usually speak to him in Cantonese.

I had asked forum members for a list of suggested titles to add late last year, which I then handed him a list when I met him in HK. I don't think he really added much from that list that I gave him. (?) As such, not sure how successful you'll be at getting him to add stuff, but it doesn't hurt to try I suppose.

Trigger 07-10-02 03:31 PM

Johnny is probably better at reading and writing in English than he is speaking it. That's actually pretty typical...

TehBigFire 07-14-02 09:58 AM

Thanks for that, dudes.

EatMoreChicken 07-22-02 12:02 AM

I think YH gave some excellent ideas. I don't know if it was mentioned but the night market at Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei (Kowloon side) also has a lot of VCD/DVD shops. The street vendors are most likily selling pirated material, but the stores that line the street sell a lot of legit VCDs and DVDs.

One item that I found to be an exceptional buy in HK were the mp3 CD collections. Each CD had 11-15 albums encoded in mp3 format. They cost $20 HKD or 6 or $100HKD. I found a place that sold them at the Golden Computer Arcade in Sham Shui Po (Kowloon side). This is also a haven for pirated software.

The Arcade is located just a block away from the Sham Shui Po MTR station. The store is located in the Golden Computer Arcade on 152 Fuk Wa Street. The cross street is Kweilin Street.

1) Take the MTR to Sham Shui Po.
2) Exit the station at the most North/East exit. There should be a Golden Arcade exit. When exiting the station, you'll be on Kweilin street.
3) Walk a block forward and you'll be at the corner of Fuk Wa and Kweilin
4) Enter the Golden Computer Arcade at the corner of Fuk Wa and Kweilin. 152 Fuk Wa Street.
5) When you enter the Center, take the stairs going down.
6) The store front will be immediately in front of you selling 1000's of computer CD's.

There should be someone (most likely a girl smoking) standing in an elevated booth promoting that if you can't find it, they have more. At the booth, she has a binder of CD's not out in display. That's where they list the Chinese MP3 CD's.

If you plan to purchase any mp3 CD's I'd greatly appreciate it if you could purchase a few for me. I'm missing vol 2, 4 & 8-up from the 2001 collection and need 2002 collection stuff. I'd be willing to pay for all the shipping cost (I'm in Philly).

Good luck shopping. Like YH mention, Shenzhen is also a good place of VCDs. If you like Hong Kong TV series, that would be a good place to get them.

Yellow Hammer 07-22-02 12:53 AM

The Golden Arcade 7 years ago and before used to be THE place for anything computer and electronics related. But in the last few years more of it has moved to Mongkok to places like Sino Centre and the Mongkok Computer Arcade.

But yes, Golden Arcade and the nearby mall and shops just north of the place are still very vibrant. Lots of DVD places as well, though it's slightly cheaper in Mongkok in general. The place called http://www.goldenshop.com.hk is also located in the Golden Arcade.

Walk around the Shamsuipo area and you'll see the 'real' Hong Kong. Total mass of humanity, street stalls abound. Can be intimidating if you're not used to crowds.

EatMoreChicken 07-22-02 09:47 AM

That's some great info, YH. I tried to make it to the Mongkok computer center last time, but I went too late and they were closed. :(

YH, do you know anyone in HK that can help me purchase these mp3 CD's? I'd really like to finish my collection.

Yellow Hammer 07-22-02 11:20 AM

on the first post that I made on this thread, I had posted a link, which is the Asian DVD Guide forum. Go ahead and ask the same question there, on the same thread. I think a few of the people are heading to HK in September. There's always someone going back and forth there that lurk.

On the MHVF.net Asian discussion forum, there are a few members who post regularly there who live either in HK or in Shenzhen. This includes one of the moderators, Tim Youngs. Note that if you intend to post on that board, do read the rules of posting on the board carefully, they're really strict about the content of the board.

I think there are a few posters on this forum as well from HK, though I haven't seen them lately.

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