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zembla 07-04-02 05:30 PM

question/recommendation R2 DVD player
i'm in the US; i need the capability to play region 2 dvds. i'll only ever need to play region 2 dvds in addition to region 1. can i just buy a region 2 dvd player and that's that? any other issues? if so, can someone recommend a cheap deck and somewhere online i can order one? i was reading the other messages about region free players, and noticed some problems with the cheaper ones and the expensives ones seem to be more than i need just to handle region 2 dvds. any help would be appreciated.

Hendrik 07-04-02 06:14 PM

"...i'll only ever need to play region 2 dvds in addition to region 1..."

...ahh... "region 2 dvds" from where? region 2 discs from Japan only (those would be NTSC)? ...or... region 2 discs from Europe (those would be PAL)? ...or... region 2 discs from both Japan and Europe (if that's the case you might just as well opt for a completely region-free player)?...

. . . :o . . .

zembla 07-04-02 06:25 PM

region 2 PAL

Trigger 07-04-02 06:40 PM

Don't try to get fancy zembla - just go buy a malata. Your TV isn't capable of displaying a PAL signal unless you bought it in the UK or something. The malata will do a proper conversion of PAL to NTSC. You'll be able to use it for Region 3 and 4, but you'll never have to. Just think of it as an extra useless feature - like the multi-angle feature.

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