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young 07-03-02 08:32 AM

[REVIEW] Guns & Talks

what? 1 korean movie a day??? (it's been 2 movies so far) ;)

well, i was expecting an action movie and i got a comedy! that is not a bad thing if it is done well... and it is! :D very pleasant suprise for me.

i found the humor to be sweet and light and even the moment where the fourth wall was broken, i went along w/ it. it was amazing how the same actors in this movie are so different from their roles in bichunmoo (yes, i guess that is called acting).

4 kil-lahs (phonetic korean... note that this is one of the jokes as koreans, like the japanese, like to phonetically use english words) or assassins' episodic adventures; nicely intertwined story and clues. naive & innocent, yet they can be decisive and deadly.

yes, there are a few cool action scenes but they are almost peripheral to me. how they get away is left indistinct but i didn't care.

final score: 8/10 light funny movie

roseart 07-03-02 09:27 AM

Guns & Talks is one of my Korean favs... :up:

Trigger 07-03-02 09:34 AM

If you don't mind, I'll post my thoughts about this title here once I watch it. :)

young 07-03-02 09:40 AM

btw, i thought that the detective was yuen biao (he looks like him sort of) but i don't think it is. he played the husband of the sullie in bichunmoo.

Trigger 07-03-02 09:46 AM

:) It surely wasn't him... I'm anxious to check this film out... thanks for the review btw. It would've gotten put off more if I hadn't read your review that it's more of a comedy... I was putting it off as I'm not in the mood for a gunplay movie.

cirrus888 07-04-02 03:19 AM

Did anyone have problems with the eng subs?

Trigger 07-04-02 04:07 AM

What kind of problem?

jtkv 07-04-02 11:30 AM

Yes, this was an excellent movie. I also highly recommend it...
Very good mix of action, comedy and drama, with some nice photography and digital effects...

For some reason, the lead guy's nose isn't has obstructive here as in Bichunmoo! :)

Regardless, I think he's a good actor, and needs to be in some high profile movies....


cirrus888 07-04-02 01:54 PM

I found the Eng subs out of synch with the Korean speech onscreen.

young 07-04-02 07:59 PM

i haven't noticed this. generally, i thought the subs were pretty good - well translated and timed correctly. but i wasn't paying too much attention.

i am going to watch it again tonight and i'll try to pay more attention.


update: watched it again. no sync problems.

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