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Gypo66 07-02-02 01:52 PM

Barton Fink R2 on the way! Forced subs?
Good news: There's a French R2 DVD of BARTON FINK coming out soon... but does anyone know if the French subtitles are forced when you select the English audio track? For that matter, anyone know if there's an R1 edition on the way?

ScreachingWeasel 07-02-02 02:35 PM

It was recently announced that Barton Fink, Millers Crossing and a rerelease of Raising Arizona are all due next year from FOX

ola_t 07-02-02 03:15 PM

The French Barton Fink disc was actually released a couple of weeks ago. I have it, and yes, unfortunately it has forced French subtitles when you select the English soundtrack.

Whether that misfeature can be disabled depends on your player. I'm lucky -- my player has a menu setting for turning off subtitles completely, so I use that.

Haven't watched the whole film yet so I can't comment on the quality.


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