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Cosmictripper 07-02-02 01:07 AM

Washing R2 "Terminator" & "Silence Of The Lambs" discs
On a UK DVD site, a fellow new-contributor on this site, Lux, gave us a warning about checking these discs.

A whitish mist/mould was forming on the disc surfaces (and in my case the second disc too of these 2-set MGM specials.)

I took a chance by washing this off in water with washing-up liquid (being very gentle - no rubbing) and it seems to have worked........they've come up like new.

Have you ever wet-washed your discs?

LBPound 07-02-02 03:29 AM

Never exposed any wet substance to any of my DVDs. I just stick to the DVD wipes if a situation arises (rental disc, loose in case, etc.) Actually, there was the time when a disc got stuck on my pinky finger, and I tried soap, water, anything to get it off, but that's a whole nother story. :D

Cosmictripper 07-02-02 04:22 AM


Anyway, the surfaces look as good as new...and I hope no damage has been done. The idea of trying to get my player to read through that "cloudy" stuff makes me think I'll mess the reading machinery up (to my mind anyway!) ...and even some of the UK postings say that some discs don't play anymore.

I'll only know in time.


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