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[Review] Kick the Moon, April Story, AFRIKA & A Bungee Jumping Of Their Own

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[Review] Kick the Moon, April Story, AFRIKA & A Bungee Jumping Of Their Own

Old 07-01-02, 09:11 PM
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[Review] Kick the Moon, April Story, AFRIKA & A Bungee Jumping Of Their Own

Kick The Moon - It's the much anticipated follow up for the director of Attack The Gas Station. It starts out 10 years ago at the scene of two rival high-schools having an epic brawl. Fast forward to today and the leader of one of the high schools is now a teacher and the quiet and shy brainy kid who stayed out of the fight is now a gang boss who's gang is trying to take over control of the town that the teacher lives in. The two reunite and become fast friends, but enemies at the same time... both competing for the affection of the same girl - the older sister of one of the teacher's students.

History repeats itself is one of the many themes presented here. It's basically another messageless romp, but this film is much more mature than Attack the Gas Station. There is still alot of fighting in this film though. Kick the Moon has a richer story and I think we get to know the characters alot better than in Attack the Gas Station which used flashbacks to tell their stories. I can't really explain why I liked Attack the Gas Station - it's basically just one of those films that develop a cult following. Why do they attack the gas station? Because it's something to do... (or they are bored or something like that)... Kick the Moon actually has character motivations and plenty of cause and effect. It definitely delivered for me and all my expectations. The character dynamic is far more engrossing in Kick the Moon. I also think it had much more to laugh at... I found myself cracking up alot in this film - both at characters themselves and at the situations and how the characters reacted to them.

The Korean DVD is fantastic of course. Packaging is outstanding as is the presentation looks and soundwise.

8/10 I highly recommend this film to anyone. If you manage to make it through the first 20 minutes, you'll most likely enjoy it. I can't say it's a "Must Have" but I think I enjoyed it more than Attack the Gas Station. It's more sophisticated than Attack the Gas Station, but not by much. Don't go into it expecting Attack the Gas Station part 2 and you'll be fine, but having seen ATGS already probably gives you an idea of what to expect.

April Story

At only an hour and 5 minutes running time before end credits, this barely qualifies as a film. It's about a girl who moves to Tokyo to be closer to a boy she liked in high school. Nothing Happens in this film at all. It's a piece of crap... sorry. She is a complete loser - she won't talk to anybody. She's alltogether too shy and it makes me want to smack her around. People ask her questions and she fails to answer them other than to say "wha?" and I'm surprised people didn't think she was retarded. Characters are introduced and given a bit of personality and intrigue, but then are discarded and never resolved. I think the only reason this film was 65 minutes long is because the crew decided it was a waste of time and film so they just gave up. If you like shallow high-school crush movies that don't go anywhere, then this one's for you.

The Korean DVD is quite nice in all respects. Too bad the movie is garbage. 4/10 (only managing the 4 because the film was competently and professionally made and the scenery is gorgeous - but it's still a complete waste)

A Bungee Jumping Of Their Own

Someone gave the plot of this movie away to me and it spoiled it for me. I won't do that here. It's about two people in love, but there's a twist and that's all I'm going to say. If you've seen this film, I'd love to talk about it with you but please use spoiler tags.

The acting is all good... the story is quite interesting as well. It deals with certain taboo subjects that might turn some people away... if you're offended by any sort of taboo subjects, then you might want to stay away. Nothing too offensive though I don't think. The main actor was also in JSA and has turned out a fantastic performance here as well.

Overall, I give the film a 7.5/10 and a because it's well done and worth seeing. It's not for everyone though and another fault I have with it is the way the story unfolded left the audience scratching their heads for a little too long before letting them in on it. Some of the things that were told in a flashback could've been told in order instead, but the way they did it works too - you just won't know it worked until the end. Good film worth considering.


This is a Korean Thelma and Louise of sorts... Two college girls decide to take a vacation from their normal lives and the end up borrowing a stolen car that they thought belonged to a friend. The car had two guns in it (and this part of the plot is set up beforehand) that they happen to discover. They encounter a couple of guys who intend to rape them, but they pull out the guns (guns are rare in Korea unlike here in America) and fire off several shots and escape. From there, they end up in several situations in which to use the guns and go from victims acting in self-defense to armed robbers. Two more girls eventually join their group and the four of them become fast friends travelling the country and raising havok. Along with the Thelma and Louise comparison, this film reminds me alot of The Legend of Billie Jean.

There is a hilarious scene that refers to another Korean movie that you've likely seen, but the novelty wears off long before the scene ends. Outside of that, the comedy is very light and I didn't find much to laugh at. It was still mildly entertaining, but easily passable. The funniest thing about the film really is that the guns never seem to run out of bullets even though they are never reloaded and even though they are constantly being fired at every location they visit.

The Korean DVD once again is very nice in all respects and if you like this film, this is the version to buy. I believe it's All region as well.

I give it a and a because it's neither. Some people will like it okay and some people won't like it - I don't think anyone will be missing anything if they don't add this to their collection and I don't think anyone will kick themselves too hard for ordering it. 5.5/10
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well, to say kick the moon is better than attack the gas station is certainly a great recommendation to me as i really enjoyed AtGS.

not too sure about the other three.

i just got my latest order in. i listened to the My Beautiful Girl Mari soundtrack and it is very mellow. but, i wouldn't say it is a great soundtrack. but certainly worth listening to. since i got it for free, i can't complain. i am looking forward to the dvd quite a bit.
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I just meant that I enjoyed it more than Attack the Gas Station - your mileage may vary of course. If you enjoyed ATGS, then you're likely to enjoy Kick the Moon.

As for soundtracks - Korean movie soundtracks tend to be all slow mellow music which isn't my type of thing. I like some Japanese music and even a few Chinese pop stuff, but I have yet to hear any Korean music that really clicked with me. I do have My Beautiful Girl Mari on my list though.

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