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Doc Moonlight 07-01-02 10:54 AM

Why Are Shipping Charges from Germany So Expensive?
I have been waiting for over a month for a copy of CONVOY that I ordered from Amazon.de. The cost of shipping to the US (which I assumed was air mail) was 15.99 Euros--more expensive than the film itself which was 12.99 Euros. By contrast, I have ordered from Amazon.uk, paid 5.99 Euros for airmail shipping and have received my shipments within a week to 10 days.

Before placing the order, I checked other German web sites and found that shiping rates from all German e-tailers seem to fall in that price range. Does anyone have any recomendations for an e-tailer who will ship to the US and not charge as much? Or can anyone at least make me feel better about paying ridculous shipping charges by explaining why German shipping charges are so high?

codefree 07-01-02 04:09 PM

Because the Germans are secretly still trying to take over the world. ;) Seriously though, they are ridiculously high just as the shipping charges from Japanese etailers are expensive. I buy my German DVDs from http://www.uoe.ch in Switzerland since there delivery charges are much more reasonable. On the downside, they don't carry nearly as many German DVDs as Amazon.de does.

dixpicks 07-01-02 04:40 PM

It's not really the fault of the German e-tailers. The German postal service is to blame. They are notoriously expensive.

ntuc 07-02-02 10:51 AM

And slow in shipping.

Zeratul1000 07-02-02 12:51 PM

Perhaps I can help you?

I have to say that the prices of our e-tailers are mostly not very good. If you want to order a film from Germany you can contact me - perhaps I can buy the films in the nearby shops and send it to you. I think it would be faster and cheaper.

BTW: Our first step for ruling the world is to take over the International DVD & Movie Forum at dvdtalk ;) :D :D :D

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