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livewiretoo 07-01-02 05:49 AM

Aug 21--Dead Poet's Society R4
Will this disc be the extended version with the extra 14 minutes of movie? Planet DVD suggest not and Ezydvd does not say. Any Australian members who might know?

Here's the ezydvd link. http://www.ezydvd.com.au/item.zml/220964/id=CXy8w:epAbG

and the Planetdvd link.http://www.planetdvd.com.au/dvdinf.a...94LQBADKLTFFBH

Michael A 07-01-02 08:18 PM

No - it's the theatrical version (PAL running time 123 mins). The selection of extras is good though (a commentary by Peter Weir and the writer and a couple of 30 minute interviews etc).

livewiretoo 07-01-02 10:33 PM


Thanks. I thought so because of what Planetdvd put on their page. Just wanted to make sure. Well, there's another disc that could have been bought. I'll pass.

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