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Truffaut Fan 06-30-02 03:00 PM

Question about ASOKA running time
I was going to order the R2 UK version of ASOKA when I noticed the running time at 150 minutes. Is this the version with several songs cut out? I thought I remembered reading in other threads that the Metrodome version was the one to get, but I'd like the full version. I thought the running time was supposed to be closer to 180 minutes or so.


Hendrik 06-30-02 04:35 PM

...fwiw, the IMDb says: "Runtime: 155 / USA:180 (uncut version)" and "International version runs 150 minutes. Uncut version runs 180 minutes"

. . . :o . . .

Jules Winnfield 07-03-02 08:50 AM

UK DVD does contain the songs. Songs are also selectable from the the extra menu.

Excellent movie BTW.

Song Selection
2 Making-of Documentaries
Image Gallery with Radio Advert Sound Bed
Main Cast Biographies
Director Filmography
Also Includes Tamil Language Soundtrack
PAL Region 0
Running time 2h30

Just to confused more the full lenght is 5 hours. :)


Jules Winnfield 07-03-02 01:26 PM

Just checked the exact running time of the UK DVD, it is 169 min.

My guess is the 180 version is a director's cut with no song.

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