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SeanValen 06-29-02 09:01 PM

Tango and Cash in region 2? or not
Looking around everywhere to see if Tango and Cash is in region 2, not seen any reviews, I'm sure as it is a early Warner release on region 1, it might be in region 2, but I don't know for sure, anyone help. Popular action buddy cop film, Stallone/Kurt Russell Tango and Cash couldn't of slipped by Warner UK I hope. :)

Hendrik 06-30-02 02:05 AM


...available on French DVD:


(the UK release http://www.blackstar.co.uk/video/item/7000000051018 was deleted a year ago)

. . . :o . . .

SeanValen 06-30-02 10:19 AM

Thanks for the info. I'm not in a rush to get this dvd, I hope it returns to dvd in r2 though soon. :)

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