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SeanValen 06-29-02 02:51 PM

MGM's Terminator region 2, DVD rot, I'm effected and so are others

The link shows topic and replies to Terminator, and how everyone is seeing mositure in their disks, those clouds, I read it, doubt my copy would have a problem, checked it, and it has! First DVD I had effected by this. Andy from the website will contact MGM on Monday.

The effected disk was disk 2, the extras disk for me, thankfully the movie disk, disk 1 is ok, but wonder if that will last.

So anyone with region 2 Terminator MGM, check your disks, I suspect MGM is going to get alot of flack for this.

I really hate it when something like this happens to a dvd, just gives you fears about your collection, and checking.

Zeratul1000 06-29-02 06:21 PM

No panic!

You should be able to wash the discs with water and then clean it up. Then the clouds should disappear.

BTW: My T1-discs are in good shape. But it seems that there are other discs with these clouds like Silence of the Lambs.

SeanValen 06-29-02 08:55 PM

Thanks for the advice, just never went to such extremes to clean a disk, is water safe for cleaning dvds?

DVDHO 06-29-02 11:15 PM

My freind use to put his hole CD collection in a bath tub to clean them and never had a single problem,alot of times disc's would play after he washed them BUT ive never seen anyone do this with DVD's but water will not harm them if your just cleaning them.

SeanValen 06-30-02 10:17 AM

Thanks for the info :up:

I will wait on Monday, sometime next week to read up what MGM have to say about it from that R2 site, then decide whether I'll take a risk and clean the disk with water.

fortinbras 06-30-02 12:54 PM

Discs which are affected look like this:


The following DVDs are affected:

The Silence Of The Lambs (works fine)
The Terminator (doesn't work, even if I clean it up!)
Josie And The Pussycats (!!!, however: works fine)

All these Discs are from MGM!

codefree 06-30-02 01:09 PM

My R4 Terminator SE looks and plays flawlessly still. I just watched the movie and a few of the extras a couple of weeks ago. IIRC, it's the exact same disc as the R2 version except for the packaging.

Zeratul1000 06-30-02 01:49 PM

@SeanValen: There is really no risk to wash it with water. I've already done it before - no problems :)

Could you post the answer from MGM here?

@fortinbras: Are you also member at dvdinside? :)

fortinbras 07-01-02 06:03 AM

No I'm not a member of www.dvdinside.de.
But I often go there to look for some information.

By the way: There is already someone who has registered the name "Fortinbras".

Zeratul1000 07-01-02 07:24 AM

Ah, just thought I saw the picture of the faulty dvd once before... ;)

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