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sneezybeing 06-29-02 04:57 AM

Better Tomorrow 2
Not the best HK movie that's for sure but does anyone on the planet know the name of the actor who plays the 'hit man',
(Chong I think). I watch a lot of HK stuff but I haven't seen him in anything else.
I just love the gun fight scene at the end with Chow Yun Fat. Real style. Thinking about the last twenty minutes is brilliant, possibly the best of the 'heroic bloodshed' shoot outs.

gabegarwick 06-29-02 12:08 PM

According to imdb the role was played by Ming Yan Lung.


Yellow Hammer 06-30-02 12:44 AM

He has a big prominent role as Prince Tak, who's the 2nd in command in a big cocaine ring in the movie Skinny Tiger, Fatty Dragon.

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