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fortinbras 06-28-02 02:59 PM

German Jin-Roh - Limited Edition Boxed Set (pics)



Does anyone know something about the features?

Hendrik 06-28-02 10:46 PM

...ahh... couldn't find this title on any of the German sites I know (Glasnost / DVD-Mann / etc.)... where (which - German? - site) did you find it?...

...anyway: since this appears to be a limited (to a mere 1955 copies!) German release, it's a fair guess that - at best - it will have the original Japanese soundtrack (DD 5.1 and/or dts) with (optional or locked) German subtitles, and a dubbed-into-German (DD 5.1 and/or dts) soundtrack... almost certainly (99,999%, in fact!) no English dub and/or subs...

(signed) Proud Owner Of The Two-DVD-Plus-One-CD French CE

. . . :o . . .

fortinbras 06-30-02 12:46 PM

You can find this DVD at http://www.acog.de

Hendrik 06-30-02 05:00 PM

...it was as I thought: the (anamorphic 1.78:1) transfer features a Japanese dts 5.1 soundtrack, a German dub (DD 5.1), and optional German subtitles...

...so... Fortinbras ...unless you understand Japanese, or can read German subs, or don't mind a (shudder!!!) German dub... you're out of luck, I fear...

. . . :o . . .

gopeglegs! 11-25-02 06:09 PM

Anyone have the R3 release?

How is it?



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