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wco81 06-28-02 02:51 PM

Most Wanted R2 DVDs?
Going to Paris next month and thinking about picking up DVDs that aren't available as R1 releases or likely to be released any time soon. Yes I have a code-free player with PAL to NTSC translation.

I was thinking of definitely getting the French release, maybe the UK release if I can find it, of Kieslowski's trilogy.

Also Contempt (Mepris), Man Bites Dog, Family Guy. And whatever Bunuel may be available.

Any other ideas?

nodeerforamonth 06-28-02 03:29 PM


Rypro 525 06-28-02 06:54 PM

try this site. http://www.dvdcompare.org.uk/compari...sults_page.php it makes comparisons between all of the movies out in different regions and suggests which one to get.

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