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Xlegion 06-27-02 06:22 PM

Sink the Bismarck - Problem
I had this problem happen only once before. I purchased the dvd of the movie "Sink the Bismarck". It is a Chinese copy but it will play on North Amercian dvd players and the Chinese subtitles are removable. The film plays in English. In other words I can view the whole movie in widescreen, playing in English and with no subtitles. This is exactly what I want. The problem with this dvd is that the first one minute and forty five seconds of the movie is missing. In other words the title block. I have seen this phenomenon on only one other dvd and that one was purchased from Taiwan. That film was the Audrey Hepburn film "War and Peace". Has anyone else encountered this problem with foreign dvds?

Hendrik 06-27-02 07:29 PM

...not I...

...however, I have encountered it - a couple of times - on US DVDs ... one was a PD movie ("Life With Father") where the opening WB Fanfare was missing ... another was a compilation of cartoon shorts ("enhanced" with horrendously awful, very badly souped-up, pseudo "DD 5.1" soundtracks), all of which were missing the (WB) Loony Tunes intro...

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