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Pasco 06-24-02 11:30 AM

The Family Guy
Has anyone tried the region 2 The Family Guy DVD? I'm interested on the quality and if there are plans for more of them, as I would like the entire series on DVD. Any plans for region 1? Thanks for any input.

PacMan2006 06-24-02 12:36 PM

I have it too. I got it on ebay. Not as good as Futurama regarding special features, though.

yortdog 06-24-02 01:01 PM

Actually, the first season R2 dvd set looks ok, but there are tons of moving lines in the background (sorta like that Dr. Katz cartoon). You'll probably mentally phaze it out after a while, but it's irritating at first. I can't remember those moving lines appearing in the TV run.

I asked FOX about series 2 (right after I bought season 1 from bensonsworld.co.uk), and they said spring 2002,,, but apparently nothing has been officially announced yet.

-- Troy

yortdog 06-24-02 02:51 PM

yip -- that's what I'm referring to. It's just once in a while, in the background -- the straight lines on the exterior of the house, for instance, will be jittering a bit. The rest of the picture is clear -- no problems.

I'm using an Apex 660AD, which admittedly is not the most steady of players, but someone else brought this up in an earlier discussion of this topic, but I can't seem to find the original thread.


-- Troy

yortdog 06-24-02 02:53 PM

(sorry, I didn't mean to overstate the problem with the moving lines. It's not really THAT big of a deal, just a tad bit annoying). Buying this DVD set is still worth every penny ! )

Josh Z 06-24-02 04:20 PM

These discs give me the same image shimmering problem with my Malata N996. I've tried all of the different filter settings but nothing seems to help.

I'm not sure whether the problem stems from the PAL-to-NTSC conversion, interlacing problem, or some combination of both. I haven't tried the disc on a progressive display yet.

nodeerforamonth 06-24-02 05:15 PM

I got the shimmering lines on the house too on my Daewoo 5800. Not that big of a deal at all! Very much worth it! Can't wait for Season 2!

PacMan2006 06-24-02 06:48 PM

I get those lines too on my Malata 520. Hardly a big problem.

Also, someone said that Family Guy season 2 is out in Spring 2002....how can that be?!! Spring already passed? Do you mean Spring 2003? If so, geeez...that's a year from now!

SirPablo 06-24-02 09:07 PM

I have this set, very good. I have some of the "shimmer" problems too I would say. I just assumed it was the PAL->NTSC conversion.

I'm using an Apex AD-1500 player.

yortdog 06-25-02 02:36 PM

PacMan2006: I asked Fox last fall after I got the Season 1 set, and they told me Spring2002 was the target date for Season 2. So, by that standard, they're late. And, I still haven't heard any new release dates.

Has anyone else seen a release date?
For fun, www.fox.co.uk has Season 1 featured pretty well (choose "Family Guy" from the main list).

yortdog 06-25-02 02:37 PM

Here's the direct link.


Giles 06-25-02 05:01 PM

My copy of South Park Series 4, shimmers massively on my Apex ("Family Guy" doesnt though), cant wait to hear an official release date for Season 2 of "The Family Guy"

boc4ever 06-28-02 08:55 AM

I usually check http://www.planetfamilyguy.com periodically. This is where I found out about the Season One set initially.

Jason 06-29-02 12:02 PM

And at the same time they're shutting down legitimate auctions for used DVDs, there are at least 10 sets of VCDs of all four seasons being sold on a "collector to collector" basis. :mad:

And I can find no way to report these fradulent auctions.

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