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andy-j-h 06-20-02 05:56 PM

The Sweetest Thing, @ $16.09 + Free world shipping !!
I just saw this at http://www.dvdimport.com/product.asp?productid=11805 - any opinions!
Has anyone ordered from them before? How long is their delivery time?

codefree 06-20-02 08:20 PM

Don't know anything about the company but it should be pointed out that it's $16.99 in U.S. funds, not British Pounds as your post indicates. That's a great price including shipping IMO. I'd also like to hear how reliable and quick this etailer is.

andy-j-h 06-21-02 01:47 PM

Yeah meant USD$ not -typo!

Robbert 06-22-02 08:47 AM

Good store, but usually not the cheapest.
I have ordered several titles from them this year, but beware: they charge your card the moment you order.
The best way to do with pre-orders, is order in the week preceding the week in which the title will be released.

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