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Moon33 06-19-02 06:45 AM

Kagemusha Italian version, Help!
Can anyone confirm the running time of the Italian version of Kagemusha dvd.
Dvdland.it says 155 mins, dvdit says 175 mins. Which one is correct?

Hendrik 06-19-02 07:14 AM

...and the IMDb says: "Runtime: 179 / Argentina:162 / USA:159"

...given PAL disc's inherent c.4% speed increase for 24fps movies, that would make the 155-minute Italian disc - if correctly stated - close to the Argentine version...

...again, if correctly stated, the 175-minute italian disc would actually contain a version of the movie nobody (perhaps not even the late, great Akiro Kurosawa himself!) knows about: one that is longer than the Japanese original (182 minutes vs. 179 minutes, always assuming that the information given on the IMDb site is correct...)...

...it's enough to drive one mad!...

. . . ;) . . .

Moon33 06-19-02 08:19 AM

That is why I asked. The French version dvd is also 180 mins(w/o eng subs). So please anyone got the Italian version please answer this post.

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