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robwaddle 06-17-02 10:30 PM


Does anyone know when Frasier is going to be released on R2 or even R1? Shops in UK are already up to Season 3 on VHS & nobody seems to know (or care!) about DVD releases.


CTUK 06-30-02 06:09 PM

I'd love to know this one too!!

And whilst we're on the subject of US Sitcoms, any sign of 'Home Improvement' series sets coming out?

jonathan.e 07-01-02 06:55 AM

R2 set is indefinitely postponed awaiting input from Grammer.

robwaddle 07-01-02 06:37 PM

Thanx for this. What's Kelsey's problem? And, will this affect R1 release??


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