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shill66 06-17-02 01:14 PM

Plague Dogs coming R2

October 2002, or so it says. I certainly hope so! This has been near the top of my list of titles-to-beg-for for many years (going back to the laserdisc days)!


NavinJohnson 06-17-02 09:23 PM

Thanks shill66; I'll be looking forward to it.

Nocturnaloner 06-18-02 03:55 PM

Excellent news.

shill66 09-14-02 03:50 PM

I just got it, and checked it out, and subsequently posted this to the Anchor Bay UK forum:

"The Plague Dogs" was one of my most eargerly-awaited titles, and now that I have it I'm sadly disappointed. The biggest problem is that it's the heavily edited version with a running time of just 82 minutes. The original film was around 102 min, and after the usual transfer to video (which shortens the runtime) it ran about 98 minutes. That means the DVD is missing 16 minutes of the original movie!

Another disappointment is that it's fullscreen; however, I'm not sure about the original aspect ratio, so that might be normal, and even if it's open matte I'd rather have that for an animated film than a matted widescreen version. So perhaps that's not a disappointment at all, but I've no way of being sure.

The picture quality is good, not stunning but good; average bitrate runs around 6.37 variable.

Bottom line - I (and many others) were waiting for a definitive home video version of this movie. And sadly, we're still waiting.

NavinJohnson 09-14-02 11:03 PM

Appreciate the update, shill66; I think my enthusiasm is a little dampened for this dvd now. Strange about the ratio though; the Anchor Bay UK site says it was to be 2.35:1. :hscratch:

boc4ever 09-14-02 11:57 PM

That is a shame, thanks for the heads up! This movie is so powerful, it deserves better treatment...

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