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Hendrik 06-16-02 09:37 AM

"MORE" ... Pink Floyd ... Mimsy Farmer nekkid ...
...soundtrack remixed to DD 5.1 ...who could ask for anything more?...

...out on French DVD on 18.6.2002:


. . . :o . . .

Jepthah 06-16-02 02:34 PM

Ahhh...I am led to believe that the two "French hippie" movies Pink Floyd lent their music to are more memorable for their soundtracks than anything else. So the movie hasn't slipped into total obscurity.

If only Jodorowsky had his Dune, we would have a Pink Floyd/Magma soundtrack for the ages... :lol:

skokefoe 06-17-02 10:18 PM

damn, looks like no english subtitles though, from my brief glance at amazon.fr. maybe there's hope for at least a UK release though...


ElectricTsunami 06-26-02 02:38 AM

I've got 'em BOTH!
I got this and The Valley in the mail today from amazon.fr.

The Valley is 16:9 while More is not.

Neither is subtitled in English. Both have non-removable French subtitles.

Soundtracks are in original mono or 5.1 remix.

Prints are sharp.

Both are letterboxed.

Both have portions of dialogue in English.

More is mostly in English, the videotape that was released in the 1990s didn't subtitle the German dialogue. Not too hard to follow.

The Valley has less English dialogue and is therefore "harder" to understand. Again, there was a VHS released in the 1990s, watch that once to take in the "story".

Both discs have their respective film's trailer. They also each have a (different) short film of footage of the tribe that was used in The Valley.

The music in More is mostly incidental (on the radio, etc.) but I still like it.

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