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speedy1961 06-14-02 08:27 AM

Any Opinions on the Viability of this Region Free DVD Player?
Hi everyone.... I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this region free dvd player:

<small>Live eBay link removed & replaced</small>

It is not a brand that I've read about here and am curious as to whether anyone out there is familiar with this unit and has any opinions.

Your responses / opinions are greatly appreciated.

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Trigger 06-14-02 09:00 AM

It's nice looking and all that, but based on the face buttons I'd say it's another Sampo clone. Given that, I'd say that the player will do all it says and you'll be happy with it, but don't expect a good PAL to NTSC transfer - especially on anamorphic discs. I didn't see anything about it at the nerd-out forums, so it must be really new.

speedy1961 06-14-02 10:25 AM

Thanks Trigger. That's kind of what I thought as well....

Anyone else???

braintez 06-14-02 11:21 AM

I'm not so sure that it's a Sampo-clone, as there's no mention of this player on the Area 450 site.

After doing research, it looks like a Lasonic clone.

Trigger 06-15-02 02:34 AM

In any case, as far as we know - only DVD players with the mediamatics chip can do a proper conversion of PAL to NTSC as of yet.

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