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young 06-14-02 05:54 PM

would you recommend these korean movies?
my wife is a gangster
guns and talks


roseart 06-14-02 06:05 PM

Re: would you recommend these korean movies?

Originally posted by young
would you recommend these korean movies?

guns and talks - Yes :up:

bichunmoo - Yes :up:

my wife is a gangster - I am glad I saw this once, but it was not a keeper IMO.

The other 2, it really depends on what you like. I would definitely suggest Guns & Talks, but Bichunmoo is a little harder. There are mixed reviews on this. I enjoyed it though.

ScreachingWeasel 06-14-02 08:14 PM

My Wife is a Gangster- I thought it was pretty funny, untill the end when it got a little serious. I think it's worth owning.

Bichunmoo-I have mixed feelings about. It could have been a really good movie, but kind fell short. It's still entertaining. If you can play PAL discs you might want to wait for the Hong Kong Legends 2 disc platinum release at the end of the year.

young 06-14-02 09:14 PM

will the HKL discs offer things to make it worthwhile? i see that they have Musa listed also.

and i think, i will get the Project A JC Platinum set... one of my favorites. thanks for the heads up.

codefree 06-14-02 09:18 PM

I like and own My Wife Is A Gangster. I thought Bichunmoo was pretty lame though so I traded it away. Haven't seen Guns And Talks.

gabegarwick 06-14-02 10:29 PM

My Wife is a Gangster= Excellent Drama/Comedy with a dash of action in the mix. My review of it here.

Bichunmoo= Nice period fantasy film, if you like swordplay and style I would recommend it.

I have yet to see Guns&Talks.


ScreachingWeasel 06-14-02 10:58 PM

Originally posted by young
will the HKL discs offer things to make it worthwhile? i see that they have Musa listed also.

and i think, i will get the Project A JC Platinum set... one of my favorites. thanks for the heads up.

I don't know for certain what will be on the HKL dvd, but I'm assuming that the extra's from the Korean dvd will be on it, but with eng subs for those of us that korean impaired. Who knows if anything new will be on it though.

ntuc 06-15-02 08:02 AM

bichunmoo is nice but at certain point quite draggy.

Trigger 06-15-02 12:58 PM

Bichunmoo was pretty unpopular in Korea, but it has gained a pretty big following outside of Korea. I thought it was pretty good. Shiri and Bichunmoo are both very much style over substance... Shiri more so probably. Bichunmoo at the time was the most expensive movie ever made in Korea. If you are going to get into Korean cinema, this is a good place to start - but keep in mind that there are better films than this. My current favorites out of the few that I've seen are:

Il Mare
Quiet Family
The Isle (not for everyone though)

I haven't seen My Wife is a Gangster yet or Guns and Talks, but My Sassy Girl was really popular in Korea and also for people outside of Korea. Sounds like you're more interested in movies with a bit more action. Try The Quiet Family, JSA and Shiri or Bichunmoo. I can't comment on the others you mentioned. :)

carnifern 06-15-02 01:22 PM

I love Shiri personally and feel that it was well deserving of its awards.

Bichunmoo is very good but not the best place to start.

Musa is the best Korean movie I've seen but you need time and patience since it's over 3 hours.

Attack the Gas Station is an excellent and funny comedy.

Jakarta is a great black action/comedy/drama.

JSA is a phenomenal drama.

Tell Me Something is the best Korean horror film to date.

Trigger 06-15-02 01:47 PM

I forgot about Attack the Gas Station - yes, that's another good one. I have yet to see Musa and Tell Me Something. :)

scorched03 06-15-02 08:34 PM

guns and talk is cool, good but i dunno if i'd watch again
my wife is a gangster - funny :) probably also would never watch

other recomendations
musa - awesome awesome action packed and i'd watch several
times kinda like braveheart
sassy girl - still gives me goosebumps after 5th viewing, worth it
attack at gas station - would watch several times
tell me something - didn't do it for me, but all horrors are
probably watch once and that's it
shiri, jsa - decent. not korean so the north/south korea division
didn't impact me that much, but realistic movies

do not under any circumstance get:
bad guy - 80% of movie is spent in a hooker saloon....grrrr bad

Jonathan 06-15-02 11:54 PM

I just saw Guns and Talks and is one of my favorite Korean movie. I also like Shiri but I guess I was kinda expecting more because of the hype from everyone. Bichunmoo bored me, it was lame, I compare it to Fist of the Northstar if you're into anime, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Hendrik 06-16-02 12:59 AM

young: ...suggest you take a look at this 'dedicated' (to Korean films) site:


. . . :o . . .

young 06-16-02 10:38 AM

heh, it's turning into a general recommendation thread :D

here are my ratings - 8 is an excellent movie in my opinion:
attack the gas station = 8/10
quiet family = 8.5/10
musa = 8.5/10
barking dogs never bite = 8.5/10
nowhere to hide = 8/10
foul king = 9/10 (i love this movie - it was so hilarious!)

i have a bunch of others i haven't yet seen - no time! argh!
xmas in august
tell me nothing ;)
memento mori
il mare

i'm going to order:
guns & talks (kfc likes it a lot)
my sassy girl (i keep forgetting to add it to my orders)
i may wait for the HKL for bichunmoo

i can't wait for:
my beautiful girl, mari... (supposed to play at the philadelphia museum of art on june 30th, but i can't find any info on it???)
the way home
peppermint candy (is this out yet?)

ScreachingWeasel 06-16-02 11:21 AM

Peppermint Candy is out on a fullscreen dvd. A couple months ago I got an email from MrKwang's ebay store saying that Peppermint Candy and a few other dvds were going to get re-released, but I haven't heard anything since then so who knows. I think the current release is alright, it has a pretty good picture and doesn't seem to be cropped much.

young 06-19-02 12:24 AM

ok, here's my latest odor... ;) sorry gabegarwick, i couldn't resist.

my sassy girl (finally!)
bichunmoo - ok, i know it seems to get mixed reviews, but what the heck
guns & talks - mainly based on some strong recommendations and KFC's review
Love Letter (japanese movie)
& an OST My Beautiful Girl, Mari - i liked the little snippets of music that i heard so far

young 06-19-02 10:55 PM

:blush: as soon as i take care of a few things! gotta stay up for the world cup... go red devils!!! :D

cirrus888 09-29-02 01:31 AM

My Korean Movie Top Ten
I've now seen about 25 Korean Movies so far and I'm Dying to see more.

My Favourites so far:

Essential Viewing:

1. Il Mare
2. Christmas In August
3. My Sassy Girl
4. Failan
5. Barking Dogs Never Bite

Worth Viewing:

6. My Boss My Hero
7. The Foul King
8. Attack At The Gas Station
9. Ditto
10. The Quiet Family

11. Last witness
12. My Beautiful Girl Mari

On My Dying To See List:

A Day - Story About Failed pregnancy.
Take Care Of My Cat - Story about a group girls cntred around a lost kitten.
Bungee Jumping Of Their Own - Love Story using reincarnation as a twist.
Art Museum By The Zoo - Romance for the most unlikely of characters.
An Affair - Story in title
Kiss Me Much - Couple dealing with financial difficulties and how it affects on their love for each other.
One Fine Spring Day - Romance
I wish I had A Wife - Romance
An Interview - Romance
The Power Of Kang Won Province - Same story/ two perspectives
Wanee & Junah - Roamance
My Beautiful Days - More Romance

Green Fish/Peppermint candy/Oasis - waiting for decent DVD releases.

As you can see I'm really into the melodramatic stuff because when the koreans get it right ... they make the best in the world.

Ashirg 09-29-02 02:22 AM

Nice to see 2 titles I ordered on the list (Il Mare, Failan) and it's going to be my introduction to Romantic Korean films. Really looking foward to see them. I'm getting 3 films ( Musa is the third one), and I've seen only thrillers Tell Me Something and Memento Mori.

cirrus888 09-29-02 02:33 AM

I've also seen:

The Isle
Nowhere to run
My Wife Is A gangster
Hi Dharma
Guns & Talks

I think these movies are average at best.

hanami 09-29-02 08:36 AM

ditto on My Sassy Girl and Il Mare. I enjoy both films.

Trigger 09-29-02 11:15 AM

Originally posted by cirrus888
I've also seen:

The Isle
Nowhere to run
My Wife Is A gangster
Hi Dharma
Guns & Talks

I think these movies are average at best.

You're crazy. :)

axolotls return 09-29-02 12:38 PM

Musa and JSA are "excellent"

Whasango, Attack the Gas Station and Memento Mori are "very good"

Shiri and Guns N Talk are definitely only "average at best"

codefree 09-29-02 01:53 PM

1. Shiri
2. My Wife Is A Gangster
(a distant) 3. Memento Mori

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