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norm949 06-14-02 12:39 AM

Audition R3 or R1?
I purposefully waited till the release of the R1 Audition version to find out if it's worth the extra cost over the R3 version. Any opinions? Thanks.

Trigger 06-14-02 01:07 AM

The R3 is pretty decent - haven't seen the R1 - I also think there was already a thread on this that went into great detail.

Furious 06-14-02 01:53 AM

What I've gathered
From what I've gathered the US dvd isn't as pleasing as was to be expected. Most people are happy with the extras, but the dvd transfer, like the Tartan UK release, is far too dark which obscures too many details. The HK dvd is better in this regard. I don't think either version will win any awards in the transfer category, just let supplements guide your decision.

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