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tacomantt 06-13-02 10:14 PM

Need help naming an international film...
About two years ago I was watching a French film on the Bravo TV network. I was captivated by the movie.

The story took place throughout a dark stormy night inside an old police station near the edge of a small town. (The movie is based during the modern era). With a leaky roof and a typewriter, a French police inspector is interrogating a suspect about a recent murder.

The film has lots of dialog between the inspector and suspect. The detective types a lot and tries to intimidate the person under suspician. All the while, there are a lot of short flashbacks and the whatnot.

So can some genius out there name this one? I could give more information, but I am pretty much tapped out.


rkndkn 06-14-02 02:19 AM

I'm pretty sure it's "Una Pura formalita" ("A Pure Formality") starring Gerard Depardieu and Roman Polanski. I remember the storyline from when it came out, though I've yet to see it. Sounds very interesting!


eXcentris 06-14-02 09:21 AM

Yup, rkndkn is correct. Excellent film by the way.

tacomantt 06-15-02 06:15 AM

Yes, that is the movie I was looking for. Thank you very much rkndkn and eXcentris. IMDB doesnot list whether its on DVD or not, but you bet I will keeping a close eye on this title.

Thanks again.

benedict 06-15-02 07:56 AM

This can be such a GREAT place!
:up: :up: good work guys!

rkndkn 06-15-02 09:46 PM

You're welcome, tacomantt! This is one of those titles I've always meant to see, but I'm holding out for a DVD!

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