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Londo 06-12-02 08:22 PM

Sapphire and Steel are coming!
Just noticed this down on EzyDVD

EzyDVD link

Sapphire and Steel are coming to DVD on July 22nd! If you've never seen this rather quirky and execellent series you should..if you have rejoice! An altogether different view of Joanna Lumley. Highly recommended!

smokedragon 06-13-02 12:59 AM

Wow!Thanks for the heads up. I loved this series when it was on.

And, if I converted the currency right, it's only $59.06 for the set!

Sweet deal.

Thanks again

jonathan.e 06-13-02 02:18 AM

Also being released in the UK and available to pre-order at www.amazon.co.uk and www.blackstar.co.uk

Rumour is that the Oz sets have 0 extras and are not remastered while the UK sets have some extras and have had restoration work done. More expensive from the UK but the restoration is badly needed so if the difference between the two is true Iíll be going for the UK sets.

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