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lordzeppelin 06-12-02 02:42 PM

Devoted DVD site- anyone order during the free shipping sale?
I ordered a bunch of stuff during the free shipping sale from them, and have yet to get any of it. I keep getting told that it shipped by one guy, then told it hasn't shipped by another. My card has yet to be charged, and I had ordered some stuff (angel seasons) for my dad for father's day...still not here!

Anyone else had problems with this site?

Gypo66 06-12-02 05:36 PM

I ordered from them too, on April 28, and my stuff was almost immediately listed as a backorder. When I email them, every week or two, I get a short reply saying they're still waiting for stock. A few days ago, Glenn (the manager, I believe) informed me my order was finally ready to ship, but the site still lists it as "Back order."
There are lots of similar experiences detailed on the supplier forum of www.thedvdforums.com, including many folks in the U.K. still waiting for their orders. Guess the free shipping deal really gave them more business than they could handle. Supposedly they're normally a solid, well-run outfit, though.

cine 06-12-02 08:35 PM

I ordered 4 DVDs from them in early May, all of them were processed few days later and showed as Backorder; one of them just arrived this past week.

Daren 06-13-02 03:47 AM

I've received all 4 of mine.

I know the offer was taken up heavily by the site.

I hope they do it again soon.

TheBigDave 06-17-02 03:05 PM

I just got my order today (order placed on 4/26). A little disappointed that they didn't respond to my e-mail 2-3 weeks ago when I asked for an update on the status of my order. But I'm glad that it worked out in the end.

lordzeppelin 06-19-02 10:22 AM

'm still waiting. It's really starting to piss me off now...

cine 07-27-02 12:42 PM

Devoted will be having another free-shipping (with a certain condition) sale from 8/1 to 8/8. But I'm still waiting for my orders placed during the last sale in early May to be filled, and am wondering if anyone else is also in the same boat.

Gypo66 07-28-02 06:59 AM

It took them well over two months, but devoted finally made good on my order from the last promotion. There are a few things that look good on this new free shipping sale, but I have to admit I'm a little nervous about dealing with them at this point...

ntuc 07-28-02 10:10 AM

me so far so good

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