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jtkv 06-11-02 10:39 PM

REVIEW: Inner Senses
Inner Senses
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Lo Chi Leung
Stars: Leslie Cheung, Karena Lam, Waise Lee, Valerie Chow, Maggie Poon, Tsui Siu Keung

A young woman can see ghosts.
A psychology doctor do not believe in ghosts. His theory is "ghosts" are just images created in our minds from our past bad experiences....
The woman is sent to this doctor to help cure her. He is very intriged by the challenge, and goes about trying to help her. But then he starts seeing ghosts too....

WARNING: Do not read the DVD cover's synopsis, as it gives the whole damn story away (SPOILERS)!!

Wow.. this is one of the most atmospheric horror movies to come out of Hong Kong. It is genuinely creepy and even scary, which is what makes a good psychological thriller..
Leslie Cheung and Karena Lam do a very good job of portraying their characters.. fear, anguish, isolation... all nicely done. The supporting actors do a nice job too, especially the apartment landlord, played by Tsui Siu Keung, whome has done many Kung Fu roles!
This movie is sort of a two-parter.. first it focuses on Karena Lam's character, then it moves to Leslie Cheung's character.
The script is very well done, and provides a nice twist at the end. Basically, we all have hidden skeletons in our closet, which sooner or later will come out to haunt you!!
And, Yes, you do get to see "ghosts", both CGI and makeup effects.

I say everyone should watch this movie!

Distributor: Universe
All Region
Extras: Making Of (more like a promo featurette)
Cast and Crew info: for the director, Leslie Cheung and Karena Lam (no English text for Karena)
Trailers for: Inner Sense, Tiramisu and July Rhapsody.

Very nice and clean non-anamorphic image
Above average sharpness.
Decent colour saturation (I am not sure if it's my TV or the DVD, but it looks like the colour is on the brownish side)

Large text, and very well translated subtitles, placed in the letterbox bars. Multiple lines will put the text into the screen image.

I only listened to the Cantonese language DTS audio.
Unfortunately, the music and sound effects were much louder than the dialogue. Overall, very clean and clear.

"Are the doctors curing us, or are we curing the doctors?"

movie: 8/10 (very atmospheric and creepy)
DVD: 7.5/10 (very good image, but not anamorphic)

Trigger 06-13-02 11:50 AM

Sounds good... I'll watch it

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