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JeremyHeilman 06-11-02 08:26 PM

Piano Teacher R3 warning...
I just wanted to give a word of warning to those that might be eyeing the R3 release of The Piano Teacher. The disc has a decent, though non-anomorphic, transfer of the movie, but the movie itself is censored in one crucial scene. There's no nudity from any of the film's actors, but in one segment, one of the actors goes to a peepshow booth, and some graphic pornographic footage should be shown, but it's censored out on this disc. It's not exactly something that ruins the film, but you're probably better off waiting for the R1 release, especially considering the English subtitles, which are sometimes wonky.


ScreachingWeasel 06-11-02 10:30 PM

The region 2 UK release looks like it's pretty stacked extra wise and has an anamorphic transfer. Here is a review from Dvd Times.


Hemulen 06-12-02 01:37 AM

the r3 release does have the advantage of being a whole lot cheaper than the r2 though ;)

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