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BaiseMoi 06-10-02 04:08 AM

DVDShelf sign-up and refferal number
Hey Guys & Girls,

I've never ordered from DVDSHelf before, and while attempting to register I noticed that there was a box where you type in some refferal code and apparently you get money or something?

I dunno, but I'm sure DVDShelf customers should know how this thing works.

Naturally I didn't sign up because I wanted to wait and see what you guys had to say about it.

I appreciate your help on this little mystery.


Trigger 06-10-02 06:09 AM

I didn't type in a referral code when i signed up, I just signed up. I know they have a point system where they give you points for each purchase or something, but I never pay attention to it. My username there is the same as here, so if you want to put my name in there you can try it. If someone else wants you to, then use their account or whatever cuz I don't know that I'd use the points if that's what they give out. :) I just say go ahead and sign up and order stuff...

BaiseMoi 06-10-02 09:46 AM

I haven't signed up yet, I think it's a numerical code though, although I can't be sure.

Perhaps someone else knows, but thanks for your imput.

Animezine 06-10-02 12:53 PM

The referral code is for their points system, which comes in handy when you get hooked on HK DVD's. If you don't use one when you register, then there is no way to be enrolled. If you still want to register, you can use my code. It's animezine.

BaiseMoi 06-11-02 04:24 AM

So every purchase I make, the person who's code I use gets points right?

Do I get anything?

Animezine 06-11-02 09:06 AM

No, you get 1 point for each HK dollar that you spend. For instance, you make an order of HK950 before shipping. That means you get 950 points. I think every 1000 points equals like HK5 dollars.

BaiseMoi 06-12-02 02:43 AM

Ok ... so doesn't the person who I put in the refferal code box get anything at all? (seems a little unfair)

myrdh 06-12-02 03:58 PM

Forget about their point system...IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!! My friend sign me up and we both got HK$5 each...Whoopie Dooaahhh.
+ my order was like $178.98 or something like that and they billed my credit card $180.00.

DVDShelf, if you are listen, I am still waiting for my $1.02 US..that's more than the HK$5 that you gave me....

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