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Krug 06-08-02 05:52 PM

Fong Sai Yuk 1 & 2 HK40 (~US$5) at DDDhouse.com
Pretty good bargain if you ask me, and they're letterboxed.

With shipping to North America it's about US$17.

Now if they'll do the same for the Once Upon a Time series... :D

Trigger 06-08-02 08:09 PM

It's even cheaper shipped if you're already an established customer with DDDHouse. Fantastic Deal. I already have these DVDs - these are two of Jet Li's Best films. Known in the US as The Legend and The Legend 2. The DVDs are pretty good quality too.

UAIOE 06-08-02 09:16 PM

I want part 2, but i am broke :(

Thats a great deal for those two movies.

no pants 06-10-02 05:06 PM

Hey Trigger,

how does one become an established customer?? i've ordered there about 10 times and never heard of this, any info would be great.



Trigger 06-10-02 08:12 PM

Just select the (Only for first order over 15 copies (North America Only) and than repeat order no quantity restricted) option. It's way cheaper - if you're not an established customer and you select that option, I'm sure they'll let you know.

renaldow 06-11-02 04:37 PM

That shipping option comes in handy and gives good incentive to become a repeat customer. It makes an already good deal much better!

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