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donsyob 06-07-02 12:39 PM

Region free DVD's that play divx files
I've been looking at some region free DVD players as I don't have a standalone system yet and I am sure I'll pick up a whack film or two from overseas. One thing I always see whether it's a malata (my current preference) or a daewoo is that they can almost always play mp3s, cdrs and vcds, all that kind of thing, but never avi files that most films on computers are now shipped in. I know you can convert vcd to avi but it takes time, and i know the players can read cdrs, so it doesnt seem like a big step to have them decode divx files as well. Any thoughts on this? Is it likely this will be a future feature or am i talking pie in the sky?

renaldow 06-07-02 01:30 PM

I've heard discussions of players possibly being able to do this in the future at some point, but no other info than that. As far as I'm aware, no player can do it now. .avi is a possibility, but DiVX isn't a real standard, so it's not very likely. Who knows though?

Player1327 06-07-02 07:40 PM

the makers of the Hollywood Plus dvd decoder card for pcs have released the Xcard that will play divx and dvds. However, after much reading about the Xcard, it seems to not play most movies on divx correctly at all. It won't play divx 3 files. I think it would be hard to get a dvd player out to play divx files as most movies are encoded at different settings and resolutions, unless there is a standard out there...

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