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Gypo66 06-07-02 08:59 AM

How much is VAT for dvdzone2?
I'm about to place an order with dvdzone2 and was curious if anyone knew how much they remove for the VAT.

Trigger 06-07-02 09:15 AM

What do you mean "remove"? Is The Blade going to be cheaper than they say it will be? Are you going with the speedy shipping or the cheap shipping? Also - If I order Predator as well, will that effect the whole VAT thing (which I don't understand - and there's probably a thread somewhere)?

Maybe I'll put off my purchase from DVDZone2 until I hear a little more about this VAT and until I hear about this edition of The Blade.

Man I wish Brotherhood of the Wolf and Amelie came with subs.

samuelowens 06-07-02 09:39 AM

VAT's just like Australia's GST or US State Sales Taxes - you only pay if you're located where it's levied.

As for savings, you bet it will Trigger (and for all other non-EU customers) - 17.35% cheaper in fact because Belgium charges 21% VAT. Even better, DVDZone2 takes VAT off shipping too (I think) so it should only be about E2.5 per disc.

BTW - take the cheap shipping - it's still very quick.

I highly recommend DVDZone2.

Also, a two disc Amelie will be arriving in the UK in July with DTS and subs.

Gypo66 06-07-02 09:48 AM

Thanks samuelowens -- but I'm still confused. I'm no math whiz, but why would the disc be 17.35% cheaper if Belgium charges 21% VAT?

samuelowens 06-07-02 09:52 AM

1/1.21 = c. 0.8265

1-0.8265 = 0.1735 * 100 = 17.35%

roseart 06-07-02 10:15 AM

Originally posted by samuelowens
1/1.21 = c. 0.8265

1-0.8265 = 0.1735 * 100 = 17.35%


ScreachingWeasel 06-07-02 10:35 AM

Can't you find out how much they take off for VAT by adding the item you want to your cart and then go through the checkout process up to the point where you finalize it? I thought most of the Euro sites would show you the final price before you complete the order. This is what I usually do and if it's too much I just leave the site without placing the order.

axolotls return 06-07-02 11:25 AM

The difference in subtracting 21% from number is different than adding 21%

codefree 06-07-02 01:26 PM

The average DVD I order from DVDZone2 costs about $1.50-$2 less than the price listed on their site.

Trigger 06-07-02 07:36 PM

Originally posted by roseart



Me too.

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