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indycohiba 06-06-02 08:15 PM

Best DVD Version of Dil Se?
I picked the B4U Eros dvd version of Dil Se and loved the movie but abhored the dvd. Is there a much better dvd out there. I read of a DEI version but do not know if it is the same dvd or transfer. Recommendations on where to buy would also be helpful.

darius25 06-06-02 10:47 PM

the DEI version (especially the second version labelled as Platinum edition) features the same cropped 1.85 aspect ratio, but the video is MUCH MUCH better - sharper, better colours, no/very little compression artifacts. The sound is a really dynamic 5.1 with AWESOME bass. It also has english subs.

the first DEI version is missing a few credits in the start, features a 2.0 soundtrack, same video transfer, and has no english subs.

Unfortuneatly both DEI versions are out of production, and the B4U is the only version out in the market. However, some stores like www.indiaweekly.com or www.indiancdstore.com might have a few copies. You might want to send them an e-mail and inquire on availability. If that doesn't work then visit your local indian stores - they may have some copies left (at higher prices than the web though).

indycohiba 06-07-02 03:46 PM


I just checked with pokerindustries and they have the DEI Platinum version in stock.

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