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PacMan2006 06-02-02 09:16 PM

Daewoo 5800 region free dvd player?
Anyone have this or seen it in 'action'? I'm thinking about getting it. I don't know too much about region free dvd players though, but I know I don't want to spend anymore than $150.00 really, and I've seen it on ebay for that price and actually a little less.

Has anyone experienced any kinds of problems with this, whether it be discs skipping/stuttering, converting problems, hook-up difficulties, etc? Any information would be great or any recommendations would be excellent as well. Thanks for reading!

ALSO...Is there ANY region free dvd player in which I can hook up surround sound speakers to? Thanks in advance.

no pants 06-02-02 09:31 PM

do a search of this forum for the old thread and also go to www.nerd-out.com message boards.


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