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HKFlix 06-01-02 10:16 PM

Mr. Bean German Box Set Cut?
Finally, got the excellent German box set of Mr. Bean episodes, supposedly complete. But, there's one thing I swear is missing. Bean is in the department store (a la "Do It Yourself, Mr. Bean), and there's a scene where he's messing with people who are trying to get the same recliner chair as he is--there's only one left. He unplugs it, turns off the electricity, etc. so the chair won't work for them...

I don't know if this is part of "Do It Yourself, Mr. Bean" that has been edited out, or if it's from another episode that's missing... But I just finished watching the entire box set, and that skit definitely isn't here. Anyone?

HKFlix 06-03-02 08:49 PM


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