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smokedragon 06-01-02 11:01 AM

Kenny Everett, Dave Allen, Billy Connelly...any word on a DVD release?
I'll be 40 tomorrow so I'm feeling nostalgic. :)

Love to see any of the three great comedians on DVD.

Any word out there in the UK?

Any petitions I can sign?

Any hope?

roseart 06-01-02 12:04 PM

This is all I could find:

An Audience With Billy Connolly (DVD)

He kicks arse in Boondock Saints :up:

Hendrik 06-01-02 01:34 PM

...ahh... looketh and thou shalt findeth...


...not one, but two complete shows - a very generous 180 minutes that had me fairly ROTFLMAO - yes! good transfers, clean stereo sound, so get it already!!!

. . . ;) . . .

Doc Moonlight 06-01-02 02:47 PM

And don't overlook the 4 titles (including 2 pre-orders) available from Australia (love that Australian Dollar exchange rate!):


Happy Birthday Smokedragon and remember:

"If it was nae for yer Wellies,
Where would ye be?
You'd be in the hospital or infirmary
For you would get a dose of the flu or even pluracy
If ya did nae hae yer feet in yer Wellies.."

smokedragon 06-01-02 10:59 PM

Thank you all.

Any one order from the Aussie company? I mean, coverted to US dollars the Billy DVD's are only $16!

Damn, they also have The Professionals. Loved that show. $16 bucks also.

If anyone can give me some feedback on


I would very much appreciate it


Doc Moonlight 06-01-02 11:09 PM

I've ordered from EzDVD and recommend them highly. I've received my orders by airmail (and at $5 Australian, it's cheaper than a lot of US retailers) usually in 7-10 days if the discs are in stock. They also deduct Australian GST on orders shipped to the US so you'll save another 10% (approxiately). I recommend them highly!

ElectricTsunami 06-03-02 02:42 AM

Dave Allen has a couple of VHS tapes (in PAL) at Blackstar but no DVDs have been anounced yet (hopefully something will be since he does have some releases).

There is currently 1 PAL VHS Kenny Everett title available from Blackstar.co.uk (but there was a good US VHS of something like 5 or 6 episodes of the Kenny Everett Video Show; I've checked Movies Unlimited and Facets and couldn't find it in print any more).

Blackstar did have a 2 Ronnies DVD and some Benny Hill titles that may be different from the US releases.

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