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mjdan 05-29-02 10:38 PM

regional coding enhancement
I was reading the FAQ about regional coding enhancement. I understand that some movie companies are starting to implement the RCE on some DVD's. Are the DVD's with RCE marked on the package? If it is marked than you will know quickly whether the DVD has RCE on it. I have family in South America and sometimes they have me buy them DVD's but since they are in Zone 4 and the DVD's here are Zone 1 then there could be a problem. They have a multi-zone DVD player and are able to play Zone 1 DVD's but with the RCE coding I don't know in the future if this will remain true. Is there a updated list of all the titles with RCE? I saw a small list on the FAQ page about RCE but it was a limited list. Does anyone know where you can buy zone 4 dvd's here in the United States? I have seen DVD's that list both zone 1 and 4 on one DVD so I quess there is someplace that is selling these combined zone DVD's. Someone told me they manufacture them in Mexico for Central and South America.


hardtack 05-29-02 11:41 PM

RCE has been around for probably one and a half years or so and still there are very few titles that have actually been RCE encoded.

The following link is to an Australian site (which is also region 4) and you may find it to be of help. It discusses in detail the implications of RCE as well as workarounds, affected players, and titles that are known to have used RCE.

Hope this link to Michael DVD is of some use to you.

regards, Tim...

Moppy007 06-07-02 01:17 PM

From what i remember RCE was a warner bros and columbia invention, and as far as i know most new releases from columbia have RCE. Some good news though is that region 4 Columbia Tristar do not use RCE, because it is only really to prevent region 1 discs from being imported.

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