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"Harry Potter" deleted scenes question

Old 05-21-02, 09:12 AM
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"Harry Potter" deleted scenes question

Are there any non-Region 1 editions of Harry Potter where the deleted scenes are accessible without going through the game, or did Warner's make this a policy on all their DVD video releases of this film?
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Old 05-21-02, 02:37 PM
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Well, I don't own the DVD myself, but I know that many people here in Germany complain about the "stupid" game.
So it seems Warner made this "present" worldwide!?
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Old 05-21-02, 03:45 PM
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Yes, it's very frustrating. What exactly do the seven deleted
scenes feature, anyone know ? And if there are any ten year
old forum members, please could you post a solution to the pesky games. Thanks !
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Old 05-22-02, 12:58 AM
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Courtesy of my friendly neighborhood 10-year old:

(start of spoiler)
Go to Diagon Alley and click on these 5 bricks in clockwise order: 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, then 4:00 and 5:00. When the bricks open, click on the key logo at the bottom of the Gringotts sign. Now select Gringgotts, and click on the money so you can buy your wand. Go back to the Alley and go to Ollivanders. Click on random boxes (it changes every time) until you get the right wand.

Go back to the great hall and into Classrooms. Click the H symbol on the pedestal under the fire. You will then be taken to the 3rd floor and presented with 3 challenges. First, to beat Fluffy the three-headed dog, choose the flute (rightmost icon). Next, to get past the keys, click on the tiny key with the broken wings (at the back of the room, under the arch). Finally, choose the potion in a round bottle containing yellow liquid. This will take you to the Philosopher's Stone, and when you click the stone, voila, you'll be taken to a photo gallery displaying the Seven Deleted Scenes.

1. Dudley's new school uniform
2. Letters inside the eggs
3. On the train to London
4. In the school hallway
5. Christmas fireplace
6. Studying for exams
7. Snape's poisons class (extended scene)

Here's the shortcut way when you've already seen the deleted scenes and would like to view them again: Go to the Classrooms, and choose Poisons to take a quiz - you'll need to listen closely to what Snape says in the extended scene, in order to answer the questions. Enjoy!
(end of spoiler)

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Old 05-22-02, 06:13 AM
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Japan Region 2 makes you go through the same little ridiculous game. has the clues too.
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Old 05-22-02, 05:09 PM
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Thanks anali and livewire. It's very irritating having to navigate
through the games but it's well worth it ! The deleted
scene showing Harry in the Great Hall, staring at the fire
and dwelling on the mirror of Esilred is priceless.
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