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Tom & Jerry [Japanese DVD review request]

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This thread is in regards to ten "Tom & Jerry" dvds that were released in Japan. Here's a quick summary of what was available and what is currently still available for purchase.

Still in print :
Between 12/17/99 and 07/14/00 ten dvds were released individually for 2100 Yen (~ $USD 16.22). The dvds are single-sided/single-layered, and there are two audio tracks "English /Dolby Digital /Monaural" & " Japanese /Dolby Digital /Monaural". (The catalog numbers for these individual dvds can be found at

Then on 05/18/01 the ten dvds were re-issued yet again this time in three sets with the first set containing discs 1-4, the second set discs 5-7, and the third set discs 8-10 with each set costing (5229 Yen or ~ $USD 40.38 to $USD 46.61)

Out-of-print :
Then starting on 12/17/99 the dvds were made available for purchase in sets of two for 5040 Yen (~ $USD 38.92). These two-disc bundled sets are no longer available (apparently with one or two exceptions).

On 08/25/00 the dvds were then made available for purchase in two individual box sets (five dvds per set. lists these as "TOM & JERRY Encore BOX") for 12600 Yen (~ $USD 97.30). These box sets also are no longer available.

Contents of the dvds :
For some reason, although Tom&Jerry is much beloved by fans, I have had an impossible time finding either any comprehensive sites on Tom&Jerry or especially any information on these dvds released in Japan such as the content of the dvds, whether or not the episodes released in cinemascope appear in their OAR on the dvds, and whether or not any of the episodes are edited.
Last night I finally dug up some detailed information which I'll post in a seperate post below.

Purpose of this post :
After encountering rumours and speculation, and in light of the ~ $USD 150 to $USD 200 including s&h that it's going to cost you to own this set, I thought it was worthwhile to figure out with some certainty what's what.

This link raised what I thought were some of the important questions and concerns about which I'm seeking any confirmation or elaboration. So I've excerpted them below.

Regarding the issue of cut vs. uncut :
(for a specific list of what was cut,
see and also )
2. This particular box set had a sticker on the wrapper that said (in Japanese) "UN CUT VERSION". Finding this version is the tricky part. I looked in about 30 (literally) stores before I found this version. I found this box set in only one store in a section of Tokyo called "AKHIABARA." Also this box set and the cut versions look identical in packaging EXCEPT for the sticker. Be careful of this when shopping for it.

3. The content of the DVD's are completely uncut. This includes all Mammy, Black face, Indian, Mammy voice, Asian, and some of the more "violent" cuts that have been removed on all the other versions.

4. The total cost on the box set was 30,000 yen or roughly $280 USD. Interestingly enough the CUT version of the box set was 24,000 yen!
Regarding the matter of letterboxing
(with respect to the cartoons that were released in cinemascope):
5. The one bad thing about these DVD's is that the cartoons are still not in letterbox/true format. Animation purists may get aggrivated when things get cut off or are formated improperly.
Regarding what was and was not omitted :
*note: I believe these disks contain all episodes except

the Gene Deitch years (for a full listing, click here )

and the following ... the Hanna Barbera years-- Busy Buddies, Egg and Jerry, Feedin the Kiddie, Slicked Up Pup, Tom's Photo Finish, Tops With Pops

the later Chuck Jones years-- Shutterbugged Cat
Regarding the bonus Droopy cartoons :
Each disk also contains one Droopy cartoon as well. Though it should be noted that these are dubbed in Japanese only.

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The other night I came across an extremely comprehensive website . In the forum I found a thread which lists in full the episodes on each dvd and goes into some preliminary discussion regarding what is and isn't edited.

Since the list is so long, I thought I'd post it last and before that quote what pertains to the questions I have that I raised in the earlier post. But as you'll see, though, unfortunately what was not addressed were all the other edits listed here and to a limited extent here

(The other important issue that is not raised in the thread I'm citing is the question of whether or not there is any difference, in regard to the matter of any editing and of possible cut/uncut counterparts , between the three currently available options for purchasing the Tom&Jerry dvds (individually, the two 5-disc box sets, and the three (4-disc 3-disc 3-disc) box sets.
In regards to this, here's what dvdtalk-member shaggy said : )
I recieved my Tom-1 Tom-2 uncut boxsets today. I can confirm that they are uncut and have English soundtracks and the subtitles are optional. Also my source in Japan says all the Tom and Jerry DVDs are uncut, the only difference with these sets is that they are limited editions, and have the boxes and the DVD spines make a picture of Tom and Jerry. This is common in Japan, they seem to release entire seasons of TV shows in a limited boxset and after that you have to buy each volume seperately at a higher price per disc

From :
The T&Js with Mammy were dubbed copies and "The Little Orphan" is *sigh* edited. However the set DOES have UNCUT, crystal clear copies of "Saturday Evening Puss" and "His Mouse Friday".
As Thad stated, they are dubbed with the new African-American Mammy voice , but the visuals are as crystal clear as I've ever seen them . Since there were so few cartoons with Mammy in them, it's worth it to be able to watch the others in such a pristine state.
are the CinemaScope cartoons letterboxed on the Japanese T&J DVDs?

Unfortunately, they're not letterboxed. They're full-screen, which means we're probably losing 1/3 of the actual image. The titles are full-screen, however.... they should have left the entire cartoon on that way.
(Green = episodes directed by Chuck Jones )

Volume 1 :
Flirty Birdy
The Cat Above, The Mouse Below
Jerry's Diary
The Cat's Me-ouch
That's My Pup
Duel Personality
Guided Mouse-ile
Just Ducky
Haunted Mouse
Neopolitan Mouse
Kitty Foiled
Much Ado About Mousing
Penthouse Mouse
Droopy Cartoon: Dumb Hounded

Volume 2 :
Texas Tom
Puss 'N' Boats
That's My Mommy
Downbeat Bear
Surf-Bored Cat
Triplet Trouble
Mucho Mouse
The Flying Cat
The Bodyguard
The Little Orphan (*edited)
Jerry's Cousin
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
Mice Follies
The Cat and the Mermouse
The Cat Concerto
Droopy Cartoon: Wild and Woolfy

Volume 3 :
Mouse Trouble
Jerry And The Lion
Mouse In Manhattan
The Milky Waif
Cat Napping
Saturday Evening Puss (Original version)
Hic-cup Pup
The Invisible Mouse
Million Dollar Cat
The Night Before Christmas
Polka Dot Puss
Two Little Indians
Trap Happy
Tom and Jerry At the Hollywood Bowl
Cueball Cat
Little Runaway
Droopy Cartoon: The Shooting Of Dan McGoo

Volume 4 :
Fraidy Cat
Baby Butch
Johann Mouse
Pet Peeve
The Mouse From H.U.N.G.E.R.
The Dog House
Baby Puss
The Zoot Cat
Puss Gets The Boot
The Midnight Snack
Dog Trouble
Puss 'N' Toots
The Bowling Alley-cat
Is There A Doctor In The Mouse
Yankee Doodle Mouse
Droopy Cartoon: Northwest Hounded Police

Volume 5 :
Fine Feathered Friend
Sufferin' Cats
Snowbody Loves Me
The Lonsome Mouse
The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse
Puttin' On The Dog
The Mouse Comes To Dinner
Tee For Two
Springtime For Thomas
Ah, Sweet Mouse-story Of Life
Solid Serenade
Tom-ic Energy
Cat Fishin'
Quiet Please
Droopy Cartoon: Senor Droopy

Volume 6 :
Part-Time Pal
Salt-Water Tabby
Bad Day At Cat Rock
A Mouse In The House
The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off
Old Rockin' Chair Tom
The Truce Hurts
Professor Tom
Mouse Cleaning
I'm Just Wild About Jerry
Hatch Up Your Troubles
Of Feline Bondage
Love That Pup
Heavenly Puss
Droopy Cartoon: Out-Foxed

Volume 7 :
Tennis Chumps
Little Quacker
The Year Of The Mouse
Safety Second
Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary
The Framed Cat
Casanova Cat
Jerry And The Goldfish
Sleepy-Time Tom
Love Me, Love My Mouse
His Mouse Friday (Original Dialogue Intact)
The A-Tom-Inable Snowman
Nit-Witty Kitty
The Duck Doctor
Droopy Cartoon: Dumb Hounded (What!! Twice??)

Volume 8 :
Fit To Be Tied
Push-Button Kitty
Filet Meow
Cruise Cat
Catty Cornered
The Two Mouseketeers
Little School Mouse
Jerry And Jumbo
Smitten Kitten
Cat And Dupli-cat
Life With Tom
O Solar Meow
Posse Cat
The Missing Mouse
Droopy Cartoon: Dixieland Droopy

Volume 9 :
Downhearted Duckling
Touche, pussycat!
Rock 'N' Rodent
Southbound Duckling
Cannery Rodent
Pup On A Picnic
Puppy Tale
Mouse For Sale
Designs On Jerry
Tom And Cherie
Advance and Be Mechanized
Smarty Cat
Pecos Pest
Droopy Cartoon: Daredevil Droopy

Volume 10 :
Muscle Beach Tom
Blue Cat Blues
Barbecue Brawl
Purr-chance to Dream
Timid Tabby
Happy Go Ducky
Royal Cat Nap
The Vanishing Duck
Matinee Mouse
Robin Hoodwinked
Tot Watchers
The Flying Sorceress
Droopy Cartoon: Droopy's Double Trouble

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And this is the last bit of information that I'll add to this matter. I thought it'd be worthwhile to share the resources that I came across :

(P.S. Are the 13 cartoons directed by Gene Deitch available ANYWHERE in the world on any format ? If anyone has any information, I would be very grateful. Thanks !  =)    )

( For a full listing and synopsis of the Tom&Jerry episodes directed by ...
... William Hanna & Joseph Barbera from 1940 to 1958, click here and here
... Gene Deitch from 1961 to 1962 click here and here
... Chuck Jones from 1963 to 1967 click here )

Here's a listing of the "William Hanna & Joseph Barbera"-era Tom&Jerry episodes released in cinemascope :

1954 :
"Pet Peeve" (11/20/54) , "Touche, Pussycat !" (12/18/54)
1955 :
"Southbound Duckling" (3/12/55), "Pup On a Picnic" (4/30/55) , "Tom and Cherie" (9/9/55) , "That's My Mommy" (11/19/55)
1956 :
"The Flying Sorceress" (1/27/56), "The Egg and Jerry" (3/23/56) , "Busy Buddies" (5/4/56), "Muscle Beach Tom" (9/7/56), "Downbeat Bear" (10/21/56), "Blue Cat Blues"(11/6/56) , "Barbeque Brawl" (12/14/56)
1957 :
"Tops With Pops" (2/22/57), "Timid Tabby" (4/19/57), "Feedin' the Kiddie" (6/7/57) , "Mucho Mouse" (9/6/57), "Tom's Photo Finish" (11/1/57)
"Happy Go Ducky" (1/3/58), "Royal Cat Nap" (3/7/58), "The Vanishing Duck" (5/2/58), "Robin Hoodwinked" (6/6/58) ,"Tot Watchers" (8/1/58)

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Tom and Jerry was released on 3 box sets in the US. Of course they were released in Japan but with less cartoons and a few not on the US versions.

One cartoon that was "NOT" edited on the Japanese box was "Saturday Evening Puss". The Africian American maid was there, not the white teenage female babysitter.

The Japanese box has been on eBay, but it's a little expensive for just one cartoon...well, a couple.

The last box set was devoted to Chuck Jones and some or all were in widescreen...mine is still sealed.

I bet if and when they release them in the States, they will be Cartoon Network edited!!!
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This is a great thread and I'm glad all this info is now available. I'm really enjoying my set. So does anyone know if the Gene Deitch cartoons were ever released? VHS/LD/DVD?

Also i found a copy of the book Tom and Jerry Fifty Years of Cat and Mouse by T.R Adams, it a must for fans and it was the source for a lot of the info on the sites discussed earlier in this thread.
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There's also "Looney Tunes and Merry Melodies" a complete illustraded guide to the Warner Bros. cartoons by Jerry Beck and Will Friedwald. Everything they ever did.

Amazon has it for about $15-20.

Good luck!
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