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MooMooMooMoo 10-31-19 07:11 PM

Amazon Locker Rite-Aid $5 Off $10 Coupons
I have 6 of these (up to $30 off $60; they are stackable).

Does anyone know of anything at $40 or $60 worth buying at half off at Rite Aid? I can't find a thing at the store closest to me, which is a small store.

If you're not familiar with the promotion, for every Amazon purchase you have delieveered to a Rite-Aid storage locker, you are given a $5 off $10 coupon (you have to ask).

I can't believe I can't find a thing ( I did buy a granite frying pan a few weeks ago); though part of it is some of their prices are double that of many stores.

movieguru 11-01-19 07:35 AM

Re: Amazon Locker Rite-Aid $5 Off $10 Coupons
If Rite Aid is anything like CVS the coupons will only be on items that are not already on sale and as you said everything is twice the price of what it would be at another store. It's like shopping at a Michael's arts and craft store. You can go in there and pretty much divide the regular price of their items in half since you should never purchase anything there without their weekly 50% off coupons.

MooMooMooMoo 11-01-19 01:37 PM

Re: Amazon Locker Rite-Aid $5 Off $10 Coupons
The coupons are good on sale prices

PhantomStranger 11-01-19 01:56 PM

Re: Amazon Locker Rite-Aid $5 Off $10 Coupons
Drug stores usually have weekly sale items on essentials that lure in customers.

MooMooMooMoo 11-01-19 07:18 PM

Re: Amazon Locker Rite-Aid $5 Off $10 Coupons
I went to a larger store today. Found a $60 item. Unfortunately, they have removed the ability to stack the coupons (now one coupon per purchase; i.e. somewhat worthless).

PS, I did end up with a 50 cent tube of toothpaste on a sale, but most of Rite Aid's sales just bring them in line with other store's everyday prices.

MooMooMooMoo 11-14-19 10:30 PM

Re: Amazon Locker Rite-Aid $5 Off $10 Coupons
I have learned the current "rules" are 1 coupon per purchase; limit of 2 purchases per day. As Rite Aid is really expensive (50% off opn many of their items brings them in line with other stores everyday prices in most categories), this promotion isn't all that good. I also discovered if one tries to use more than one coupon in a purchase, the system sees it as used even though it wasn't.

As I said to one assistant manager, what's the point of a promotion that just makes customers angry (it took a ridiculous amount of effort to get the information above). Because I've been buying a lot from Amazon lately & live in a dangerous neighborhood, I have quite a few of the coupons. I had hoped to use 6 on a $60 item & get it for $30. No such luck. I was only able to stack the first time I tried to do so.

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